The Northwest's Favorite Planes

Northwest control-line model airplane fliers are invited to submit photos and information about their favorite planes, for posting on this Flying Lines page.

Bruce Perry's Scarlet Witch

One of the highlights of the 2022 Northwest Control-Line Regionals was seeing Bruce Perry's Scarlet Witch up close. Photos don't capture the beauty of this Precision Aerobatics masterpiece. Bruce is from Edmonton, Alberta. Flying Lines photo.

Mike Hazel's Giant Ringmaster

Mike Hazel's Giant Ringmaster has a 73-inch wingspan and is powered by an O.S. .90. For comparison, his Micro Ringmaster, powered by Cox .010. Planes are seen at a Eugene Prop Spinners flying session at the Can Do Ranch in Junction City, Ore., on May 21, 2022. Flying Lines photo.

Ricardo Vieira's Banshee

Flying Lines reader Ricardo Vieira of Montreal, Quebec, recently built this Sig Banshee. He shortened the nose, changed the size of the rudder, modified the flaps and added sheeting to the leading edge. Power is an OS .40FP. Ricardo Vieira photo.

Jim Aron's Systréma 2

Jim Aron's Systréma 2 was winner of the Concous d' Elegance award at the 2022 Northwest Control-Line Regionals in Roseburg, Ore. Flying Lines photo.

Dennis Nunes' Circulas 61e

Dennis Nunes of Stockton, Calif., has produced another in his series of Circulas designs for Stunt. The Circulas 61e in the foreground is the "big brother" of the Circulas 46 IIe featured here previously, and shown in the background. Dennis Nunes photo.

Mike Haverly's Fait Accompli

The Jim Walker Memorial Spring Tune-Up in Portland, Ore., is when we get a chance to see some of the Northwest's new Precision Aerobatics beauties. This is Mike Haverly's Fait Accompli, seen at the 2022 Jim Walker Memorial -- it's not actually new but is his Fifth Element, refurbished and repainted, with a new stab and elevator and landing gear moved from the wing to the fuselage. Steve Lindstedt photo.

Fred Cesquim's Smith Miniplane

Frequent Flying Lines contributor Frederico Cesquim of São Paulo, Brazil, built this Smith Miniplane in 84 days as he rushed to get ready for the 2021 Brazilian Nats. See the article that tells the story. Fred Cesquim photo.

Chris Cox's Miggish

Chris Cox of Delta, B.C., has produced his annual Precision Aerobatics masterpiece. This is his 2022 Miggish, with electric power. Because of the difficulty of finding good light balsa wood, Chris built the plane entirely of composite materials such as Airex foam, fibreglass cloth and epoxy. Chris Cox photo.

Lickleys' Vampire

John and Lynette Lickley of Redmond, Ore., built this Vampire from a Brodak kit. Power is an Enya .25. Finish is butyrate dope. Flying weight is 24.5 oz. The plane is seen at the 2022 Western Oregon Control-line Flyers' annual general meeting in Salem, Ore. Flying Lines photo.

Paul Walker's 2022 Maximum Impact


Paul Walker's 2022 version of his electric Impact airplane for Precision Aerobatics uses the same geometry as his planes of the past few years. The 67-oz. stunter is powered by a Badass 3515-710 motor using Li-ion 6S 2600 battery and an Igor Burgar 12x5 three-blade prop. Paul Walker photo.

Gene Pape's Nemesis II

Here's another "nostalgia" Combat plane by Gene Pape of Eugene, Ore. It's a Nemesis II, designed in 1963 by Howard Rush. Power is a period-correct SuperTigre G21 .35. The plane is seen at the Eugene Prop Spinners' Orchard Point flying field. Flying Lines photo.

Bartlett/Lickley Skyraider

One of the stars of 2022 Oregon Flying Fun No. 3 in Salem, Ore., was this Skyraider Navy Carrier plane, originally built by Craig Bartlett of Adair Village, Ore., many years ago and restored and reconfigured for Northwest Sport 40 Carrier by John and Lynette Lickley of Redmond, Ore. Power is an OS .35FP engine. Finish is Koverall, Randolph dope and Monokote trim. Steve Lindstedt photo.

Jim McCartney's Me-109

Jim McCartney of Lake Tapps, Wash., built this Midwest Me-109, with O.S. .40LA power. Monokote and automotive paint finish. Mike Potter photo.

Gene Pape's Voodoo

Here's another in our series of vintage Combat planes. This is Gene Pape's Voodoo, powered by a Fox Rocket .35. Finish is laminating film over silk, with Econokote trim, as describe in Gene's March 2021Miscellaneous Stuff column. The system uses no dope at all and results in a shiny, flawless finish. Flying Lines photo.

Thompson Undertaker/Pape Devastator

Recently there has been interest in vintage Combat planes, with lots of Sneekers, VooDoos, Half-Fasts and other late-1950s, early-1960s planes showing up on flying fields. These two planes don't quite fit the "vintage" category, but more appropriately fit into the "nostalgia" category, the same way Classic Stunt planes recall an earlier era without quite being "Old-Time." At right is Gene Pape's late-1970s Devastator, powered by a Fox Combat Special Mark III. At left is John Thompson's early 1980s Undertaker, powered by a Fox Combat Special MkVI. Both are recent builds, just for fun flying and display, seen above at a Eugene Prop Spinners flying session in January 2022. Both are great fliers that probably would compete well in AMA Fast Combat today, if they had contemporary Nelson power. Incidentally, plans for the Undertaker, published in Model Aviation in October 1985, are still available from the Academy of Model Aeronautics plans service. Ask for plan No. 489. Flying Lines photo.

Larry Lewin/Henry Hajdik P-40

Larry Lewin of Abbotsford, B.C., built this P40 for his friend Henry Hajdik. The plane is built from a Carl Goldberg kit and powered by an O.S. .25LA. Covering is Monokote. It's so nice, we're including two views. More photos and details are available on the Pacific Aeromodellers Club Facebook page. Larry Lewin photos.

Mike Hazel's 2022 Super Sport racer

Simple and fast: Mike Hazel of Mehama, Ore., just built this Northwest Super Sport plane, powered by the standard NWSS K&B .40, for the 2022 Racing season. Mike gives details: "Wingspan is 34 inches, and very basic construction. Tailfeathers made from 6"x12" 1/8 inch plywood. Sounds heavy but these planes are usually too nose-heavy and this made it balance nicely. Plus it made for very quick construction. Clear epoxy finish on fuselage and tail, monokote on wings. Ready-to-fly weight is 29-1/2 ounces." The plane was a winner in its first outing, at the 2021 A Day at the Races in Portland, Ore. Mike Hazel photo.

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