The Northwest's Favorite Planes

Northwest control-line model airplane fliers are invited to submit photos and information about their favorite planes, for posting on this Flying Lines page.

Dennis Nunes' Circulas 61e

Dennis Nunes' Circulas 61e electric Precision Aerobatics plane is seen at the 2024 Southwest Regionals contest in February. Dennis Nunes photo.

Richard Evans' Flite Streak

The Flite Streak is one of the most popular and best-flying control-line sport models. This one was built by UK Combat flier Richard Evans, and is powered by a Veco .19bb. Finish is tissue and Solartex. Richard Evans photo.

Fred Cesquim's Pathfinder LE

Here's another Precision Aerobatics beauty from regular Flying Lines contributor Frederico Cesquim of So Paulo, Brazil. The plane is a Pathfinder LE built from an RSM kit, converted to electric power.  Motor is a Tempest 3515/740KV using a Thunderpower five-cell 25C TP 2800. Finish is Monokote, lacquer, ink lines and two-part clear coat. Weight with battery is 56.43 oz. Fred Cesquim photo.

David Fitzgerald's 2024 ThunderGazer

Former world and national champion David Fitzgerald produced a new Precision Aerobatics airplane for 2024. The ThunderGazer 3 is powered by a PA .75 engine equipped with an Eather No. 9 pipe, swinging an Eather 13x4.2 three-blade propeller. Fuel is Power Master 10-18, drinking 8.25 oz. per flight. David adds: "Modern gadgets festoon the plane. Trip strips full span on the wing, top and bottom. 7 Chris Cox clear VGs per panel, Zigzag tape on the LE of the stab, and custom elevator tail wedges by Howard Rush."  David Fitzgerald photo.

Alan Resinger's 2024 Rare Bear