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March-April 2007 Flying Lines Favorite Planes Gallery

Hube Start's Superstar

Hube Start of Abbotsford, B.C., has recently finished this Salvatore Barile "Superstar" (1976), built from a kit from Axel Jungherz in Germany. It's a moderate size plane at 637 sq. in. with a 57" span. Fully take-apart, it runs with a Stalker .46 RE and an 11x6 APC. Hube Start photo.

Floyd Carter's Sirius

Another nice stunter by Floyd Carter of Eugene, Ore. This one is a semi-scale Lockheed Sirius, designed from three-views and photos. Markings are per Lindbergh's plane in the Smithsonian, except that Floyd used the original wheel landing gear. Stalker power, 59" span. Floyd Carter photo.

Randy Powell's Novi

Randy Powell of Port Orchard, Wash., has another classy new Classic Stunt plane for 2007. This is his recently completed Novi, powered by a PA .40 Merlin. It weighs 46.5 oz. and has 600-plus square inches of wing. Randy Powell photo.

Pat Johnston's Shark .35

Pat Johnston of Boise, Idaho, has just done the first test flights on his new Shark 35. It weighs just under 46 ounces and is powered by an O.S. LA .46. Pat Johnston photo.

Rod Claus's Thunderbird II

Rod Claus of Kent, Wash., finished this RSM Thunderbird II just in time to take it to Vintage Stunt Championships 19 in Tucson. It's the first model Rod has finished since coming back into the hobby via the ARF route. He flew 1/2-A planes and .35 combat planes in his youth, but is an up-and-coming stunt flier this time around. The T-Bird is powered by an O.S. LA .40 tuned by Scott Riese. Rod Claus photo.

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