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January 2006 Flying Lines Favorite Planes Gallery

Floyd Carter's Venus

Floyd Carter of Eugene, Ore., built this Bob Palmer Venus. It is an excellent flier with an O.S. .40 FP.

Joe Just's Claude

By Joe Just, Waitsburg, Wash.

It is a kit-bashed Zero kit from Brodak that I morphed into a Claude, the predecessor of the Zero. It is now powered by an LA .46 and really is a fun plane to fly. A favorite plane does not have to be capable of getting 20 appearance points! It just has to be a personal favorite. I hope including this picture on the site will encourage others to show their less than perfect finished favorite.

Greg Hart's Falcon

Greg Hart's Falcon , powered by O.S. LA .46, always attracts attention on the flying field. Greg, of Donald, Ore., says: "Every one that has flown it sure likes it. Me too."

Leo Mehl's Grinder

By Leo Mehl, Portland, Ore.

My favorite plane is called the Grinder. It was designed by myself and is the seventh model af this design. It weighs 46 oz. 595 sq. It is powered by a OS LA 46. with a 4 and 3/4 oz tank. It turns both directions with the same input. and it practically flies the pattern by itself except the guy that flys it forgets and overrides the autopilot. After building this plane it required two adjustments. a small adjustment to the flaps and 1/oz of wieght to the tail. It's charactoristics are that it flies the same in calm or windy conditions, it lands and takes off well. and it stays in the groove both directions.

This model won the first contest it entered. Last year it won a 7th, 4th, 3rd 2nd and two firsts. At 73 years old this is not an easy task. At first very good and it keeps getting better. I love this sport and hold all that fly in competition in highest esteem.

Pat Johnston's stunters

Two aerobatics masterpieces, the Mustang and Bearcat, by Pat Johnston, Boise, Idaho

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