The Northwest's Favorite Planes

Northwest control-line model airplane fliers are invited to submit photos and information about their favorite planes, for posting on this Flying Lines page.

September-October 2010 Favorite Planes Gallery

Don Curry's Electric Baby Clown

This cute little plane is Don Curry's Brodak Baby Clown fitted with a Himax electric motor and an 8x6 propeller. It flies very well on Spectra lines. Don, of Portland, Ore., plans to build a full-fuselage plane to hide the components inside. William Lee photo.

Mike Potter's Skyraider

Mike Potter's O.S. FP .40-powered Brodak Skyraider is for the new Northwest Sport 40 Navy Carrier event, which will be tried at Northwest contests for the first time in 2011. Mike Potter photo.

Marty Higgs' Monoline mini-stunter

Hey, what's with the funny handle? The plane is Marty Higgs' monoline-controlled, Cox-powered mini-stunter. Marty says the fliers in British Columbia have gotten cheap and are saving money by using only one line. More on monoline stunters. Marty Higgs photo.

Roy DeCamara's Jamison Special

Roy DeCamara's gorgeous Jamison Special was one of the stars of the Old-Time Stunt competition at the Fall Follies held in Salem, Ore., Oct. 2-3, 2010.. Flying Lines photo

Ron Anderson's Twin-Boom Clown

How many variations of the Flying Clown are there? Here's another one from Ron Anderson of Portland, Ore. Ron designed and scratch-built this Twin-Boomed Clown. Its size is comparable teo a regular-size Clown, and has an identical profile. The engine is a Fox .15 slant-plug version, and it's a good flier. William Lee photo.

Floyd Carter's Super Madman

Floyd Carter of Eugene, Ore., built this Super Madman. Floyd provides this detail:
"The original J.C. Yates Madman kit (Burbank Models, 1948) was 49" wingspan and powered by an Orwick 64.  We have photo proof that J.C. Yates built a larger version of his Madman, also about 1948.  Plans were drawn up by Don Hutchinson, and were approved by PAMPA for Old Time Stunt.  The 'Super' spans 56," also powered by Orwick 64 on spark ignition. This example weighs just 43 oz. with Orwick 64.   Paint scheme is a copy of the model built by J.C. Yates: cream overall with red trim and black stripes.  Don plans to feature this plane in a PAMPA Stunt News article." Flying Lines photo.

Alan Resinger's Firecracker

Alan Resinger of Delta, B.C., flew this latest version of his Firecracker in Precision Aerobatics at the 2010 R.F. Stevenson Memorial Raider Roundup in Chehalis, Wash., on Sept. 11-12, 2010. Alan writes: "This is the Mark III version of the Firecracker.  It is somewhat smaller than earlier versions with a wing area of about 680 sq. in.  It also has a lower aspect ratio tail and shorter nose and tail moments.  Power was originally a Stalker 61RE but I've switched to the Stalker 66RE.  Prop is a special Stalker 61/66 prop by Brian Eather that is 12.5x5.5  with slight undercamber on the outer half of the blade.Weight is 61.5 oz and wing is removable.  Fuel is SIG 10% champion and it uses about 4.5 oz for the pattern.  Finish is Brodak colors and PPG acrylic laquer clear." Flying Lines photo.

Mark Hansen's Kokusai Ki-76

Mark Hansen of Portland, Ore., built this unusual subject for AMA Profile Carrier competition. It is a Kokusai Ki-76 1":1' scale of the Japanese copy of the Feishler Storch.  The plane is painted in the colors of the Japanese Army as it served on the Army aircraft carrier Akistu Maru. Hansen designed and scratch built the plane, which uses a J. Roberts/Brodak three-line system and is powered by a K&B 5.8cc engine, with an OS 4BK carburetor.  The 1/64" balsa-sheeted foam wing spans 49.5 inches and has 308 square inches of wing area.  It is equipped with a line slider and throttle linkage of Hansen's design. About 1/16-inch of washout in the wingtips is designed to make the plane stable in low-speed flight. William Lee photo.

Jim Harper's Vector 40

Jim Harper of Portland, Ore., flies this refurbished ARF Vector 40, powered by a Tower .40. Very nice finish! Geoff Christianson photo.

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