The Northwest's Favorite Planes

Northwest control-line model airplane fliers are invited to submit photos and information about their favorite planes, for posting on this Flying Lines page.

November-December 2015 Favorite Planes Gallery

Dave Shrum's Minnow

Dave Shrum of Roseburg, Ore., entered this Cosmic Wind Minnow scale model of a Formula 1 racing airplane in the Authentic Scale competition at the 2015 Northwest Regionals. Power is an Atwood .49. Flying Lines photo.

Lanny Shorts' Pathfinder

Lanny Shorts of Truckee, Calif., flew this Pathfinder to first place in Sportsman Profile Stunt at the 2015 Northwest Regionals. Power is an O.S. LA .46. Flying Lines photo.

Dave Denison's Python

This is Dave Denison's Python, seen at 2015 Northwest Regionals. Dave, of Keizer, Ore., flies the electric-powered plane in Profile Stunt. Flying Lines photo.

Don Chandler's P-47D

The 2015 Northwest Regionals had a nice lineup of excellent scale entries. This is Don Chandler's Republic P-47D, which took first place in Authentic Scale. Flying Lines photo.

Don Chandler's TBM Avenger

This is one of the very well-done Profile Scale planes seen at the 2015 Northwest Regionals. It's Don Chandler's TBM Avenger, which took second place in Profile Scale. Flying Lines photo.

Gene Pape's Sonic Chicken

Gene Pape of Eugene, Ore., offers an unusual subject for the Favorite Planes feature. His reasoning will be meaningful to combat fliers and to anyone who has had good, long service from a particular airplane. He explains: "If you're willing to lower the standards a bit, I thought you might post this Sonic Chicken as a favorite plane.  It's a favorite plane not because it's beautiful or perfect.  It's neither.  What it is, is a combat model that has been in continuous since, I believe, 2009. ... It has eight kill slots in the leading edge.  It has survived at least two major midair collisions.  I can't even guess how many times it has been crashed.  It was so spongy I couldn't get it to stay on the end of the lines so I retired it briefly.  Since I couldn't bring myself to throw it away, I have refurbished it once again.  If I can get just one more contest out of it, I'll be happy." Watch Flying Lines for the first installment of an upcoming new column on combat by Gene. Gene Pape photo.

Russell Shaffer's Skyshark

Russell Shaffer of Klamath Falls, Ore., built this Skyshark for the Northwest.15 Navy Carrier event. He picked up the kit off the prize table at a Roseburg fun fly; the engine is a Magnum .15. Flying Lines photo.

Brett Buck's Infinity

Nationals winner Brett Buck of Sunnyvale, Calif., flies this original Infinity in Expert Precision Aerobatics. It's seen above at the 2015 Northwest Regionals. Flying Lines photo.

Expert Ted Fancher's Trivial Pursuit

One of the iconic modern precision aerobatics planes is the Trivial Pursuit, designed by Ted Fancher of Foster City, Calif. This is Ted's own Trivial Pursuit, seen at the 2015 Northwest Regionals. Flying Lines photo.

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