The Northwest's Favorite Planes

April 2006 Flying Lines Favorite Planes Gallery

Alice Cotton-Royer's Artemis

Alice Cotton-Royer's Artemis was one of the Portland, Ore., expert flier's masterpieces. This photo taken several years ago. Flying Lines photo.

Jerry Eichten's SV-11

The color scheme on the SV-11 by Jerry Eichten of Newberg, Ore., always attracts attention. This photo was taken before the plane was crashed in 2006. It's repaired and flying well again in 2006. Flying Lines photo.

Gerald Schamp's Re Run

Gerald Schamp of Albany, Ore., shows off his Re Run at the 2006 McMinnville Fun Fly on April 9. The plane is a Ted Fancher-designed Trival Pursuit. It's named Re Run because it is refinished after a crash; it's original name was Lemon Drop. Looks great top and bottom! Power is a Double Star .60. Flying Lines photo.

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