The Northwest's Favorite Planes

Northwest control-line model airplane fliers are invited to submit photos and information about their favorite planes, for posting on this Flying Lines page.

January-March 2016 Favorite Planes Gallery

Chris Cox's Defiant

Chris Cox's 2015 plane for Precision Aerobatics is his new Defiant. Chris, of Delta, B.C., says: "All dope finish, over .2 ounce carbon veil and polyspan.  Cobra 3520/12 motor, Jeti Spin 66 ESC, Igor Burger active timer, and Thunder Power 6S 2700 mah battery.  A little porky with the 6S battery at 68 ounces, although it is a fairly large airplane at 700 sq/in. Some weight saving initiatives underway!" Chris Cox photo.

Alan Resinger's Divergent

Alan Resinger of Delta, B.C., has produced this beauty for 2016. Alan explains: "It's a Predator (Paul Walker design) with a few changes. AXI 2820/13 (electric) motor, Igor timer w/accelerometer, Jeti Spin 66 ESC and Thunder Power 6S 2700 batteries. Carbon fiber landing gear and special custom spinner from Arkady Gorodetsky." Alan Resinger photo.

Detail of the artwork on Alan's Divergent, seen at the 2016 Jim Walker Memorial contest. Flying Lines photo.

Floyd Carter's Wildman 60

The Wildman 60, designed in 1950 by teenager Floyd Carter (shown in 2016 at right) is the subject of a kit from RSM Distribution. Floyd, now of Eugene, Ore., powers the planes with spark ignition engines, but a .60 glow engine is a modern alternative. It's a laser-cut kit with contest grade balsa and all the hardware. Floyd says of the Wildman 60, "Many have been built and flown: some at the Vintage Stunt Championships, and even one was built in the Netherlands!" The design is based on the smaller J.C. Yates Madman of the same period. See the Flying Flea Market for details and ordering information. RSM photos.

Walter Hicks' Spitfire

Walter Hicks of Central Point, Ore., finished this Spitfire, powered by a RO-Jett .67RE, early in 2016. The plane was built by Pat Johnston and finished by Walter. Finish is auto paint over Brodak primer. Plane is seen at the 2016 Oregon Flying Fun No. 2 in Roseburg, Ore. Flying Lines photo.

Randy Powell's refinished Slider

Randy Powell of Port Orchard, Wash., refinished his beautiful Slider for 2016. Here it is in his workshop. Randy Powell photo.

Mike Haverly's 2016 Chizler

Mike Haverly of Auburn, Wash., built this Chizler for Classic Stunt in 2016. It is his second Chizler. The Chizler is painted with House of Kolor orange concentrate mixed with clear dope; automotive toners are mixed with Randolph clear for the other colors. The top coat is two-part automotive clear. Power is a Ro-Jett .45 The plane weighs 45 oz. Mike Haverly photo.

Two vintage combat planes from the workshop of Gene Pape of Eugene, Ore., seen in Gene's workshop. Gene explains: "A bit of the back story:  Building some of the combat models from my past was a goal of my retirement.  The first combat model I ever built was a Voodoo powered by a Green Head K&B.  That is what the Voodoo in the picture is, right down to the short tail booms and tin tank.  The Demon was the first combat model I built from magazine plans.  The original used a Fox .36X and had a genuine toilet tissue roll for the bladder.  This one uses a McCoy Red Head .35 to get the CG back a bit and a plastic bladder tube.  The first one I built flew terrible.  This one flies great.  It's amazing what a 66-year-old can figure out that a 13 year old couldn't." Gene Pape photo.