The Northwest's Favorite Planes

Here are some of the favorite control-line model airplanes of Pacific Northwest. For the latest additions to the galleries, see the Favorite Planes main page.

February-March 2009 Favorite Planes Gallery

Profile by Mike Massey

Mike Massey of Cottage Grove, Ore., built this original profile. Powered initially by a Fox .35 Stunt, but Mike plans to replace it with an O.S. LA .46. Flying Lines photo.

Jim Holmack's Profile Cardinal

Here's another nice profile by Jim Holmack of Silver Lake, Wash. This one is a Cardinal. Jim Holmack photo.

Jim Holmack's Profile Nobler

No mistaking the profile of the 1952 Nobler in this profile version by Jim Holmack of Silver Lake, Wash. It's powered by an O.S. LA .46. Jim Holmack photo.

Pete Benning's Ares Jr.

Pete Benning of Roseburg, Ore., built this nice, small version of the Ares. Pete hand-drew his own plans, scaled down from the full-size Ares. This one is powered by a Fox .15. Flying Lines photo.

Scott Riese's1968 Nobler

Scott Riese of Portland, Ore., finished this 1968 Nobler in early 2009. White is Brodak, Green is automotive paint, and clear is Randolph's. Plane is 52oz. Engine is OS .40 LA Riese rework, 5-oz. tank, Gator 10.8x5.2. Scott Riese photo.

CL trainers by Mark Hansen and Jim Corbett

Mark Hansen of Portland, Ore., has built a number of successful control-line trainer airplanes. These planes, made from corrugated plastic, have a simple design that can stand up to repeated crashes. They're easy to fly and can be trimmed to be fully aerobatic. The one above is the latest in the series. It features a simple sheet wing with a bolt-on motor mount for a reed valve engine. The photo at bottom left shows the carbon fiber tube reinforcement that helps to make the planes stand up to abuse. The Portland fliers have several of these available for beginners. There also two planes built by Mark in use as trainers in the Eugene Prop Spinners club. Just the thing to give newcomers a taste of CL flying success! Mark Hansen photos. Jim Corbett of the Eugene Prop Spinners has built a couple of variations on the theme. At right is a Simple1, built from plans on a Canadian club's Web site, and at left is Jim's own design. All fly well. Jim Corbett photos.

Paul Bedford's Twistmunk

Paul Bedford of Maple Ridge, B.C. recently rebuilt and re-covered his modified Twister/Chipmunk, or "Twistmunk." Powered by SuperTigre .40, APC 10x6 prop, covered with Econokote. He's thinking of modifying another Twister to look like an Extra 206. "Perhaps we could start a trend?" he asks! Paul Bedford photo.

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