The Northwest's Favorite Planes

March-April 2007 Flying Lines Favorite Planes Gallery

Phil Granderson's Diva

Phil Granderson of Oakland, Calif., captured the Concours d' Elegance trophy at the 2007 Northwest Regionals with the seventh in his line of Diva stunt planes. The plane has 690 square inches, a thin dynamic airfoil (15% root, 9% tip), and weighs 54 ounces. Finish is auto toners mixed in clear dope, with a final clear coat of automotive urethane. Power is a Magnum .36 with a Randy Smith standard .40-size pipe. Prop is a Bolly 12x4 narrow three-blade, cut to 11 inches. Flying Lines photo.

Tom Kopriva's Cardinal

Tom Kopriva of Eugene, Ore., recently finished this beautiful Cardinal, finished entirely in colored Japanese tissue. Power by O.S. LA .40, Maxx muffler. Flying Lines photo.

Alan Resinger's Firecracker

Alan Resinger of Duncan, B.C., has produced another in his series of beautiful Firecracker stunt planes. This one has a 61-inch span, 760 square inches of wing area, and is powered by a Stalker .66RE. The plane weighs 67.5 ounces and has an Eather 12.5x5.5 3-blade prop with slight undercamber. Alan Resinger photo.

Paul Walker's Impact XLE

Paul Walker's XLE electric powered precision aerobatics plane, seen at the 2007 Jim Walker Memorial Spring Tune-Up in Portland, Ore., in April. Airplane data: The motor is a Plettenberg Orbit 30-12, with a Schultzie speed controller with a Kim Dohrty processor powered by a 5S2P4200 Pro Lite Thunder Power Li-Po battery. The propeller is a Brian Eather 13.25x4 corrected to 6" pitch. The plane is an "oversize" Impact at 750 square inches. Total flying weight is 67 ounces, which includes the 17 ounce battery. Full dope finish. Flying Lines photo.

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