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January-February 2007 Flying Lines Favorite Planes Gallery

John Leidle's Space Hound

John Leidle of Kirkland, Wash., has just finished this Space Hound for 2007. Powered by an Aero Tiger .36 by Randy Smith, it weighs 52 ounces. Prop is 10.5x4.5 APC, which turns at 12,000 rpm in a four-stroke setting. John Leidle photo.

Don McClave's Skylark

Don McClave of Portland, Ore., has come out with his annual Classic Stunt masterpiece for 2007. This time it's a replica of the Skylark version that Ed Southwick flew at the 1964 National Championships. Don reports: "The metrics are as follows: Finish: Lusterkote on the fuselage over microcloth/epoxy resin base, Monokote on the wing and stabilizer; weight - 48oz.; power - OS .40LA, tuned by Scott Riese; prop - 11" x 4.5" Bolly (cut down from 12" x 4"); fuel: 10% nitromethane, 20% oil (50/50). After 20 flights, it's in pretty decent trim and shows good potential. The greatest surprise so far has been the extraordinary smoothness of the Riese-tuned engine. Scott lowered the intake ports just a hair, which noticeably improved the range of needle valve adjustments and the ability of the engine to hold a specific setting, especially at higher rpm. The power seems about the same as the stock engine, but the test will come soon in Tucson when the desert winds howl! I understand that Scott has done several of these engines for customers on the East Coast and in California, but it's my first experience with his products and I'm might pleased thus far. Scott also designed and manufactured the shaft extension to work with the Aero Products spinner." Don McClave photo.

Mike Haverly's Barnstormer

Mike Haverly of Auburn, Wash., has built this Barnstormer for 2007 and plans to take it to Vintage Stunt Championships XIX in March. It's powered by an O.S. .25FP. Steve Helmick photo.

Dave Shrum's profile Fireballs

Dave Shrum of Roseburg, Ore., has been working with Northwest control-line historian Frank Macy on a variety of projects related to the late Jim Walker. Dave built these profile AJ fireballs, and showed them off at a fall 2006 flying session in Eugene. That's a picture of the real Frank Macy in the cockpit of the planes. Flying Lines photos.

Leo Mehl's Odyssey

Here's another favorite plane from Leo Mehl of Portland, Ore. This is his 2001 Odyssey, powered by a Big Jim Greenaway-tuned SuperTigre .60. It's 700 square inches, weighs 59 ounces, is seven years old and still looks good. Leo Mehl photo.

Leo Mehl's Nobler

Leo Mehl of Portland, Ore., has produced another very nice airplane. This is his classic Nobler, powered by Saito .40, photographed brand new in December 2006. Leo Mehl photo.

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