The Northwest's Favorite Planes

Northwest control-line model airplane fliers are invited to submit photos and information about their favorite planes, for posting on this Flying Lines page.

November 2007-May 2008 Favorite Planes Gallery

Mark Scarborough's Oriental

Mark Scarborough of Pullman, Wash., has produced this very nice Dee Rice Oriental for Classic Stunt in the 2008 season. The plane has wing-mounted gear, OS LA .46 engine 12.2x3.7 wood prop, Ultracote on wings and tail, urethane paint on fuselage. It weighs 45 ounces and flies well. Mark Scarborough photo.


Mark Scarborough's Fancherized Twister

A really nice Fancherized Twister, built by Mark Scarborough of Pullman, Wash., flown at the Jim Walker Memorial Spring Tune-up by David Miller of Pasco, Wash. Flying Lines photo.

Don McClave's O'Toole Tucker

Classic O'Toole Tucker, new for 2008, by Don McClave of Portland, Ore. Power is an Aero Tiger .36, with a Phelps 10.5x4.5 carbon fiber prop. Fuel used is 5% Powermaster GMA 22% blend. Flying Lines photo.

Mike Haverly's Freedom 45

Mike Havely of Auburn, Wash., built this Jack Sheeks-designed Freedom 45 classic stunt airplane, seen above at the Oregon Flying Fun No. 3 in Salem, Ore., on March 1, 2008. It's powered by an O.S. LA .46. Flying Lines photo.

Floyd Carter's electric trimotor

Floyd Carter of Eugene, Ore., is always coming up with interesting new projects. This electric-powered trimotor started out as a twin; a third motor was added for more horsepower. Span 47 inches, area 360 square inches. Cowllings are made from soda cans. Floyd Carter photo.

Alan Resinger's Gypsy

Alan Resinger of Delta, B.C., built this beautiful Gypsy. It is seen here at the Polar Bear Fun Fly in Richmond, B.C., on Jan. 1, 2008. It is a design of Jim Silhavy, a past Nats champ. Alan says: "Jim won the Nats using a Nobler and that is what he mostly flew.  He then enlarged it slightly and added some of his own design ideas.  The first Gypsy was a .35 sized ship and then the version that I built was for a .40-.45.  Mine has a ST .46 in it. ... Plans are available from Flying Models ...  Mine is painted like the original, as Silhavy was kind enough to send me pictures of it." Keith Varley photo.

Floyd Carter's ultra-light Ringmaster

Floyd Carter of Eugene built this ultra-light Ringmaster for Old-Time Stunt. Powered by an O.S. .15FP, it flies very well on 52-foot lines. Original flying weight was 15.5 ounces, but the the structure was just a bit too delicate and the plane shed a wing on the first flight. After reinforcement, the plane is now flying at 17.5 ounces. Clear dope on colored tissue is the finish. Flying Lines photo.

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