The Northwest's Favorite Planes

November-December 2006 Flying Lines Favorite Planes Gallery

Greg Hart's Roadrunner

Greg Hart of Donald, Ore., is ready for P-40 Stunt in 2007, having completed his Roadrunner. The plane, built from a Blue Sky Models kit, is powered by an OS LA.40 with a Macs muffler, spinning an APC 10.5x4.5 prop. Weight came out at 45 ounces. The fuselage has lightening holes and is covered with 1/64" walnut plywood, for a very stiff body. Landing gear is removable. Greg Hart photo.

Mike Haverly's J.D. Falcon

Mike Haverly continues to produce more and more beautiful airplanes. This is his J.D. Falcon, built from a Blue Skies kit, finished in fall 2006. Powered by Brodak .40. Covering is polyspan, dope and automotive clear coat. Mike Haverly photo.

John Thompson's Ares

This '59 Ares was completed in the fall of 2006. It is built from a Brodak kit, powered by Brodak .40 with Randy Smith tongue muffler, finished with Brodak dope. Randy Smith 3-blade spinner, Bolly 3-blade prop custom finished by Randy Smith. Flying weight 42 oz. Flying Lines photo.

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