The Northwest's Favorite Planes

July 2006 Flying Lines Favorite Planes Gallery

Chris Cox's Saturn

Chris Cox of Delta, B.C., flies this attractive Saturn in expert precision aerobatics. Flying Lines photo.

Paul Walker's 2006 Impact

Here's the latest in a long line of successful Impacts by its designer, Paul Walker, of Kent, Wash. Seen at the 2006 Regionals. Steve Helmick photo.

Floyd Carter's Hurricane

Floyd Carter of Eugene, Ore., is a prolific builder. This is his latest stunt project, a semi-scale Hurricane powered by a Ro-Jett .61RE (muffler, not pipe). The wings have 1-inch dihedral. It's shown in the air on its maiden flight in July 2006. Floyd has plans available. E-mail Floyd for information. Floyd Carter photo.

Keith Varley's Orientals

Keith Varley of Vancouver, B.C., has a matched set of beautiful Oriental variants. The one at left is his Classic Oriental, powered by a Magnum .36. Below is his Oriental Plus, powered by Ro-Jett .40.

Flying Lines photos.

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