The Northwest's Favorite Planes

Northwest control-line model airplane fliers are invited to submit photos and information about their favorite planes, for posting on this Flying Lines page.

Rainer Ackermann's Blue Max

Luiz Eduardo Rossi of São Paulo, Brazil, sent in the picture of this Blue Max owned by Rainer Ackermann of São Paulo. It was built by Daniel Bento of São Paulo and is powered by a Cobra 3520/14, using a Castle Lite 50A ESC, a timer by Rogério Fiorotti of Brazil and an Igor Burger 12x5 undercambered propellor. Luiz Rossi photo.

Paul Walker's 2019 Impact

Paul Walker's 2019 Impact is seen at the 2019 Jim Walker Memorial Spring Tune-Up in Portland, Ore. Interesting nose shape results from ground-up redesign for electric power. Flying Lines photo.

Chris Cox's 2019 Hellcat

This is the 2019 version of Chris Cox's outstanding electric Hellcat airplane for Precision Aerobatics. Chris Cox photo.

Mike Hazel's Ringmaster Jr.

Mike Hazel of Mehama, Ore., competes in Speed, Racing, Stunt, Carrier and Combat. But he also likes to build the occasional plane just for fun. This is his recently completed Ringmaster Junior, built from a Brodak kit, and powered by a Webra .10. Finish is iron-on covering on the wing and Brodak dope elsewhere. Mike Hazel photo.

Bob Welch's Meteor

Bob Welch of Federal Way, Wash., built this RT-14 Meteor with the same moments and power as his Buccaneer (below) but a thicker wing. Bob Welch photo.

Bob Welch's Buccaneer

This electric-powered Buccaneer for Precision Aerobatics was built by Bob Welch of Federal Way, Wash. Bob Welch photo.

John Thompson's Crossfire

John Thompson's Crossfire electric stunt plane, completed in early 2019, powered by an E-Flite 32. Flying Lines photo.

Joe Just's Flying Clowns

Joe Just of Waitsburg, Wash., likes the Flying Clown design. He finished building three versions in early 2019. Upper right is the original design from the 1950s. At lower right is Joe's slightly modified Super Clown. And at left is a .46-powered Super Duper Clown. Joe Just photo.

Mike Haverly's Ringmaster

Mike Haverly of Auburn, Wash., built this Ringmaster for the 2019 Vintage Stunt Championships in Tucson, Ariz. The Ringmaster weighs 26 oz. with the O.S. .25FP; it's covered in polyspan with House of Kolor candy concentrate yellow, custom purple and Randolph gold. The fuselage has a coat of two-part clear for fuel proofing. Mike Haverly photo.

Russ Hester's Combat fleet

Winter is building season, and Combat flier Russ Hester of Florence, Ore., was busy in the winter of 2018-19. Here is his fleet of planes for AMA Fast Combat and 1/2-A Comba, finished in January 2019. The fast design is called the Shocker and the 1/2-A is called Lil' Shocker. All have internal line-tension flyaway shutoffs of Hester's own design. Flying Lines photo.

Pat Johnston's Shark 35

No problem telling what this airplane is -- it's Pat Johnston's Shark 35, seen during Classic Stunt appearance judging at the 2018 Northwest Control-Line Regionals in Roseburg, Ore. Flying Lines photo.

Dave Royer's All-American Sr.

Dave Royer of Portland, Ore., built this All American Senior, an Old-Time Stunt plane. Dave explains: "One of my all time favorite airplanes has been the dmeco All American Sr. and I've wanted one since I was about 10 years old. I finally got around to checking this one off my bucket list last summer. ... I scratch-built this one from original kit plans for a K&B Torpedo Green Head .35 and tried to duplicate the kit box paint scheme. I updated the nose construction a bit with 1/32" plywood doublers and used the canopy and gear from Brodak but it is original in all other respects." Dave Royer photo.

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