The Northwest's Favorite Planes

Northwest control-line model airplane fliers are invited to submit photos and information about their favorite planes, for posting on this Flying Lines page.

January-March 2013 Favorite Planes Gallery

Tim Wescott's Sister Jenny

Tim Wescott of Oregon City, Ore., built this plane, called Sister Jenny, for 2013. The plane is a combination of a Fancherized Twister and Bob Hunt's 1976 Genesis. Span is 48 inches, finish is Rustoleum and Monokote and engine is a Tower .40. Tim Wescott photo.

Paul Walker's Predator

Paul Walker of Deer Park, Wash., built this plane, called the Predator, for 2013. Power is electric, and the paint scheme is designed by Paul with help from Sina Goudarzi and masks cut by Make Haverly. Paul Walker photo.

Some of the planes being built for Profile Stunt in the Northwest lately are truly works of art. This is the 2013 plane from Mike Haverly of Auburn, Wash., an electric-powered Starfinder, designed by Norm Whittle. Mike Haverly photo.

Don McClave's Smoothie

Don McClave of Portland, Ore., produces a beautiful Classic Stunt plane every year. This is his 2013 Smoothie, also legal for Old-Time Stunt. It's powered by an Aero Tiger .36. Flying Lines photo.

Paul Gibeault's Torky

Paul Gibeault of Leduc, Alberta, built this 1/2-A Profile Proto Speed plane, highly modifying a Dale Kirn Torky kit to carry the heavy Shuriken engine. Flying weight is 5.5 oz. without fuel. Paul Gibeault photo.

Roy DeCamara's Go Devil

Roy DeCamara builds beautiful Classic and Old-Time Stunt airplanes. This photo of his Go Devil was provided by Don Schultz. Leo Mehl photo.

Bob Lewis' Magicians

Bob Lewis of Roseburg, Ore., loves the Magician design and has built several of them, all very nicely finished. Bob does all hand-painting of his planes. These two were flown at Oregon Flying Fun No. 2 in Roseburg on Feb. 9, 2013. Flying Lines photo.

Dane Covey's Profile Nobler

Dane Covey of Tacoma, Wash., likes the profile Nobler design. This 2013 model is powered by an E-Flite 25 motor and a 4s 2800 mil-amp battery. Dane Covey photo.

Gordon Rea's Ringmaster

Gordon Rea of Eugene, Ore., came up with a very simple, elegamt finish for new Ringmaster, which looks great in the air. It's powered by an O.S. LA .25 and flies very well. Flying Lines photos.

Javier Fernandez' electric stunter

Here's another nice plane by Javier Fernandez of Cordoba, Spain. This stunter is powered by an Axi 2826 electric motor. Javier runs a website about CL flying activites in Spain. Javier Fernandez photo.

Floyd Carter's Topsy Turvy

Prolific builder Floyd Carter of Eugene, Ore., produced this original design called Topsy Turvy in 2012. It is powered by an O.S. LA .46. Floyd Carter photo.

Javier Fernandez' F2B

Javier Fernandez of Cordoba, Spain, built this stunter is powered by an O.S. LA .46. Javier runs a website about CL flying activites in Spain. Javier Fernandez photo.

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