The Northwest's Favorite Planes

Northwest control-line model airplane fliers are invited to submit photos and information about their favorite planes, for posting on this Flying Lines page.

September-December 2012 Favorite Planes Gallery

Floyd Carter's Piper

This Piper J-3 Cub stunter is built by Floyd Carter of Eugene, Ore. It's adapted from a Don Hutchinson profile plans, with the fuselage built up. Power is an O.S. LA .46. Wingspan is 55 inches and the plane weighs 41 ounces. Floyd Carter photo.

Rich Walbridge's Spitfire

One of the beautiful stunt planes typical at what can be seen at the Northwest Control-Line Regionals is Rich Walbridge's Spitfire, photographed at the 2010 Regionals. Flying Lines photo.

Mike Haverly's Sultan

Mike Haverly's Sultan is one of the Northwest's fine electric Stunt planes. Mike, of Auburn, Wash., flies in the Expert class of Precision Aerobatics. The plane is designed by Norm Whittle. Flying Lines photo.

John Thompson's Scrub J

The Scrub J, completed in 2012, is the Flying Lines editor's Profile Stunt plane. It's decorated in the colors of the common Oregon bird known as the scrub jay. Power is an Evolution .36. The plane is built from a Brodak Cardinal kit with only cosmetic modifications, covered in Polyspan and Brodak dope. Flying Lines photo.

Dave Royer of Portland, Ore. flew this classic Warrior, powered by a McCoy .35, of course, at the 2012 Fall Follies. Flying Lines photo.

Tom Strom's Vector 40

Tom Strom flies this electric-powered Vector 40, seen at the 2012 Fall Follies. Flying Lines photo.

Phil Granderson's Diva

This is one of the early versions of Phil Granderson's magnificent Diva series of Precision Aerobatics airplanes. This is Diva No. 5, which met its end at the 2005 Northwest Regionals when its engine flamed out in the wingover.  Flying Lines photo.

Howard Rush's 2012 Impact

Howard Rush of Bellevue, Wash., began flying this electric-powered Impact in Expert Precision Aerobatics in 2012.  Flying Lines photo.

Bill Darkow's electric-fan-powered warbird

    Bill Darkow of Olympia, Wash., is known for building unusual models. This electric-fan-powered plane is from 2012. Bill explains:   "It's kinda, sorta based on an experimental prototype that the Germans produced late in the war.  Only one was built and flown.  It wasn't very satisfactory and the war ended before it could be refined and put into production. Wingspan is 40 inches with a 10-inch chord.  Weight, including a 4-cell, 14.8volt, 2600mAh LiPo battery, is 38oz.  Motor is a 70mm diameter single-stage turbine which pushes it around at about 75mph with an impressive turbine scream."  Bill Darkow photo.

Roy DeCamara's Humongous

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