The Northwest's Favorite Planes

Northwest control-line model airplane fliers are invited to submit photos and information about their favorite planes, for posting on this Flying Lines page.

April-September 2016 Favorite Planes Gallery

Fred Underwood's Shark S2

Fred Underwood of West Linn, Ore., followed up his attractive Similar 2 profile plane with this Shark S2, seen at the 2016 R.F. Stevenson Raider Roundup -- it took first place in Profile Stunt. Flying Lines photo.

Dave Shrum's 400% DeBolt 1/2-A Stunter

Dave Shrum of Roseburg, Ore., likes to tinker with vintage control-line plane designs. This is his version of Hal DeBolt's 1/2-A Stunter, scaled up 400 percent. Flying Lines photo.

Looking for a great small control-line trainer? You can't do any better than the Flip, a 1970s design by Dick Sarpolus. Paul Gibeault of Leduc, Alberta, built this trio for his wife and other newcomers at his local flying field. They're all powered by Cox Black Widow engines. The Flip also can be built for a Cox Tee Dee engine, and that version will do the AMA stunt pattern. Plans for the flip can be obtained from Barry Baxter's Control-Line Plans service. Paul Gibeault photo.

Dane Covey's profile nobler

Dane Covey of Tacoma, Wash., likes Noblers and electric power. This profile Noble was finished in 2016. Power is an E-Flite 25 using 2,800 Mah lipo battery, a Hubin timer, 4-inch bellcrank, 1.5-inch flap horn, and 1-inch elevator horn. Flying weight is 48 oz. Dane Covey photo.

John Leidle's Jack of Hearts

John Leidle of Kirkland, Wash., just finished his Jack of Hearts, which featrures an GEO-XL wing and stab. Power is a Supertigre .60. John Leidle photo.

Gordon Van Tighem's Squaw

Gordon Van Tighem of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, about 700 miles north of Edmonton, Alberta, received the Spirit of '52 Award at the 2016 Vintage Stunt Championships for this Squaw. Gordon Van Tighem photo.

Jan Novak's T-Rex

Jan Novak of Prague, Czech Republic, sent this photo of his electric-powered T-Rex, which made its first flights in 2016. Nice-looking flying field!

Dave Shrum's Skylark

Dave Shrum of Roseburg, Ore., built and has flown this Skylark one of the first "stuntable" control-line airplanes, in memory of Frank Macy, another Oregonian who helped in the manufacture of the Ken's Models kit in Portland, Ore., in the 1940s. Shrum built the plane using tracings made from the photo on the kit box. Power is a spark-ignition Super Cyclone .65. Flying Lines photo.

Pat Chewning's Twister

Pat Chewning of Beaverton, Ore., built this Twister, decorated in Portland Timbers colors. Power is an O.S. .40FP. Pat Chewning photo.

Barrie Hobkirk's Rumble

Barrie Hobkirk of British Columbia built this exquisite Fox Rumble, powered by a Fox Rocket engine, for the 2016 Combat Graffiti event. Photo at right shows the ad that was published for the kit, back in the day. Ken Burdick photos.

Pete Peterson's Jamison Special

Pete Peterson of Tacoma, Wash., debuted this exquisite Jamison Special for Old-Time Stunt, powered by a Brodak .40, at the 2016 Northwest Regionals in Roseburg, Ore. Flying Lines photo.

Walter Hicks' Fancherized Twister

Walter Hicks' Fancherized Twister made its debut in Profile Stunt at the 2016 Walker Memorial Spring Tune-Up. Walter, of Central Point, Ore., had an O.S. .46.LA up front at the Jim Walker, but has since switched to a Byron Barker Thunder Tiger .36. The finish is Ultrakote, Omni Spot repair and Omni Base Coat Clear. It has aluminum motor mounts, allowing a quick swap of the engine. Flying Lines photo.

Floyd Carter's 4-Putt

Prolific builder Floyd Carter of Eugene, Ore., says, "Before you start laughing ... This is a full-size 60" stunter built mostly of little sticks and plastic film.  This results in a light weight of just 52 oz. This follows my theory; light weight, excess power (Saito 62) and a 27% airfoil.  All combine to regulate speed going vertical up/down and to give rapid acceleration out of corners. "4-Putt" is unlucky in golf, but maybe lucky in stunt.  (I considered "4-Putt Putt", but it takes too many letters.) Floyd Carter photo.

Ken Burdick's Sweet Sweep

Ken Burdick built this plane for the for Combat Graffiti nostalgia event. It's a Sweet Sweep, designed in 1953. "This is the model that caused AMA to write a no-fence rule in fast combat as the 'lift enhancers' would snag streamers," Ken says. "The engine is a Fox Rocket. Covered with Dharma silk and dyed at home using their dye powder." Ken Burdick photos.

Tom Brightbill's O'Toole Tucker

Tom Brightbill of Oregon City, Ore., built this O'Toole Tucker for Classic Stunt. The plane is powered by a RoJett .40 RE and uses an Eather prop. Finish is polyspan, Randolph and Sig dope. The plane uses Morris controls, adjustable flaps and elevator. Tom Brightbill photo.

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