The Northwest's Favorite Planes

Northwest control-line model airplane fliers are invited to submit photos and information about their favorite planes, for posting on this Flying Lines page.

Dave Royer's Firecat

Dave Royer of Portland, Ore., flew this attractive Firecat at the Zoot Ranch Fun Fly on Aug. 24, 2019. It's an iconic old-time design by control-line pioneer Jim Walker. Flying Lines photo.

Fred Cesquim's Instrutor

This is the second of two planes recently sent in by regular FL reader Fred Cesquim of São Paulo, Brazil. This is a 1960-vintage model called Instrutor which was kitted by legendary kit maker Casa Aerobras. Fred says: "I have been graced with a set of plans, ribs and the engine, a vintage diesel WB 2.5 (Brazilian produced) by Aerobras legend Mr. Fernando, the very same guy that sold my first model in 1984 and still kindly tutors people on how to proceed to become a modeler! So in homage to him I made this model as it should be back in the 60s. Polyspan and auto lacquer with vintage look color/design." Fred Cesquim photo.

Gabriel Cismondi's Atres

FL reader Gabriel Cismondi of Rosario, Argentina, sent in this photo of his Atres, which he flies in Precision Aerobatics. Gabriel has won that Argentine nationals in F2B several times, and finished second in 2018 with this model. Power is a Double Star .60 Lite. The plane weighs 57 oz. and is fully take-apart. Gabriel Cismondi photo.

Fred Cesquim's EMB Carioca

Regular FL reader Fred Cesquim of São Paulo, Brazil, sent this photo of his EMB Carioca, built from a scale model kit sold by Casa Aerobras in the 1990s. Power is a Sassi .15, an engine made in Brazil in the 1980s and 1990s. Finish is auto paint over silkspan. The colors are scale and represent a full-scale airplane. Fred Cesquim photo.

Dave Heinzman's Chizler

Northwest Stunt flier John Leidle sent this photo of his friend Dave Heinzman with his Chizler, along with the Pilots' Choice Award in Classic Stunt at the 2019 U.S. National CL Championships in Muncie, Ind.. Power is a Double Star .54; John says the weighs 50 oz. and flies very well. John Leidle photo.

Randy Powell's Mirage III

Randy Powell's 2018 Classic Stunt plane, a Mirage III, was designed by Jerry Worth and published in the February 1969 Model Airplane News. It's seen at the 2019 Stunt-a-Thon. Unfortunately, the plane was destroyed in a crash shortly after this picture was taken. Flying Lines photo.

Jerry Eichten's Oriental

Jerry Eichten of Newberg, Ore., finished this Oriental this year. It's seen at the 2019 Stunt-a-Thon, where it took first place in Classic Stunt. Power is an O.S. .35. Flying Lines photo.

Arkady Gorodetsky's Hellcat, seen in the pits at the 2019 Stunt-a-Thon. The plane is based on Chris Cox's Hellcat design and was built using Cox's plans, molds and jigs. Power is a Plettenberg 20-16 motor, controlled by a Jeti Spin ESC and an Igor Burger active timer. Batterty is a Thunder Power 6S 2800mah. Finish is automotive urethane. Arkady is from Vanvcouver, B.C. Flying Lines photo.

Ken Burgar's vintage Yak-9 Northwest Sport Race plane awaits action at the 2019 Salem Summer Tune-Up. Steve Lindstedt photo.

Alan Resinger's 2019 Rare Bear

The 2019 version of Alan Resinger's electric Rare Bear is seen during Precision Aerobatics appearance judging at the 2019 Northwest Control-Line Regionals. Flying Lines photo.

Dennis Nunes' Gladiator 35

Dennis Nunes of Stockton, Calif., flew this Gladiator 35 in Classic Stunt at the 2019 Northwest Control-Line Regionals. Designed by Dennis Schauer, the plane is powered by an OS .46LA. Dennis has a construction video on his YouTube channel. Steve Lindstedt photo.

Gary Weems' Flite Streak

Gary Weems of Monroe, Ore., displayed this star-spangled Flite Streak at the Eugene Prop Spinners fun fly on May 4, 2019. Flying Lines photo.

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