The Northwest's Favorite Planes

September-October 2006 Flying Lines Favorite Planes Gallery

Three by Pat Johnston

Pat Johnston's stunters are always impressive -- and even more so when lined up in a row! The Mustang in the foreground is shown with its Concours 'd Elegance trophy from the 2006 Northwest Regionals. Next is the Bearcat and another Mustang is in the background. Pat is from Boise, Idaho. Pat Johnston photo.

Two by Castaldelli

Two very nice stunters sent in by another Flying Lines reader in Brazil. The flier is Castaldelli, and he's holding his Cheyenne in the left photo, powered by an OS .52 4T. The prop is a 13.5x6.5. And look at that nice flying field! The plane on the right is his P-51, powered by OS .70 Ultimate, with a 14.5x7.6 prop.

Randy Powell's Slider

Another fabulous stunter by Randy Powell of Port Orchard, Wash. This one seen at the Fall Follies in Salem.

Ferenc Zámolyi's KA-10

Ferenc Zámolyi of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, sent this photo of his latest project, a Koesnikov-designed KA-10, scratch built from Model Aviation plans. The plane, which Ferenc built for his son, is powered by a SuperTigre .51 and weighs 57 ounces. It's covered with Oracover on the wings and polyurethane on the fuselage and stab. Ferenc is a Brazilian citizen, born in Hungary, and a regular visitor to the Flying Lines web site.

Leo Mehl's Vector 40

The Vector 40 is a Randy Smith design marketed both as a kit and as an ARF by Brodak. This one was built from the kit by Leo Mehl of Portland, Ore. Flying Lines photo.

Paul Walker's "For Reals" Impact

This plane has been featured in Favorite Planes previously, but we like this shot of Paul Walker's 2005 Impact in flight, seen at the 2006 R.F. Stevenson Memorial Contest in Seattle, Wash. Bruce Hunt photo.

Dan Rutherford's Magnum

A nice airplane from several years past: Dirty Dan Rutherford's Mutant Magnum. Flying Lines photo.


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