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Next Northwest control-line event: Oregon Flying Fun No. 4 See Where the Action Is

This is another of the planes from the flying group in Mexico; last week we featured two Stilettos by Jorge Medina. This Kaz Minato-designed DQ Master was built by Samuel Medina and his father, Jorge, and is flown by Samuel. Power is O.S. LA .46. Samuel Medina photo.

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Northwest control-line news headlines

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Western Oregon Control-Line Flyers club March 2015 Wolf Call newsletter available for download
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Reworking the O.S. LA .25 engine for Northwest B Proto Speed, Part 1 See article in Speed section

Oregon Flying Fun No. 2 comes off in fine style a week late See article

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Copiers, French curves and other building challenges See article in Scale Matters column

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Schedule and flyer for 2015 Oregon Flying Fun series now available in Where the Action Is

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