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Next Northwest CL event: NW Control-Line Speed Championships See Where the Action Is

Fred Underwood's Shark S2 glides in for a landing after an official flight in Profile Stunt at the 2017 R.F. Stevenson Raider Roundup. A full report on the contest will be posted here shortly. Flying Lines photo.

Put your airplane photo here! Submit a photo of your latest plane our your favorite plane to Flying Lines! To see photos of great Northwest control-line model airplanes, see the Favorite Planes section.

Northwest control-line news headlines

New! Eugene Prop Spinners club September 2017 Prop Spinner Chatter newsletter available for download in NW Club News

New! Combat's First 20 Years 21st installment:
Burton Goldsmith
in Combat section

New! Zoot Ranch Fun Fly is a big hit with fliers
and potluck enthusiasts See article >>

New! Mark Hansen's latest The Cognitive Modeler column: Cox reed valve engines in Regular columns

New! Northwest competition standings updated with Western Canada Stunt Championships and Bladder Grabber results

Western Oregon Control-Line Flyers club August 2017 Wolf Call newsletter available for download in NW Club News

Bladder Grabber XXXIX report and photos See article in Combat section

2017 Western Canada Stunt Championships results and photos See article in Aerobatics section

Looking for Bob Cooke:

Bob Cooke was a control-line flier who lived in the Salem, Ore., area for a number of years. When Bob moved away, he left a large amount of modeling items with Mike Hazel. It has recently been discovered that the boxes of "modeling" items includes some personal mementos and other things that most likely Bob did not intend to give away. Unfortunately, we have lost touch with Bob and don't know how to reach him to see if he would like these items returned. If anyone knows how to reach Bob Cooke, please contact Flying Lines and we will pass the information along.

Back issues project continues with May 1985 Flying Lines newsletter edition See Flying Lines Back Issues in PDF

Buzz Wilson's latest column: Small tools for the Combat field in Musings from the Combat Pits

Boris the D Speed engine roars to life! See article in Speed section

Report on 2017 Nearly 1/2-A Fun Stunt See article on Vancouver Gas Model club page in NW Club News

Orin Humphries discusses 1/2-A engines in his July 2017 column in Scale Matters

Portland modelers turn out for June fun fly See article on Northwest Fireballs page in NW Club News

2017 Stunt-a-Thon results and photos See article in Aerobatics section

Report and photos of 2017 Northwest Regionals See article >>

<< 2017 Jim Walker Memorial Spring Tune-Up results and photos See article on Northwest Fireballs page in Northwest Club News

'Boris' the D Speed engine breathes easier See article in Speed section

Model aircraft flying banned at Seattle's Carkeek Park -- See details at Northwest CL Flying Fields

Combat's First 20 Years 20th installment: Year 1959 in Combat section

Combat's First 20 Years 19th installment: Gary Frost in Combat section

Organized CL action returns to McMinnville at Oregon Flying Fun No. 4 See article on The Evergreen Aeromodelers pag
in Northwest Club News

<< Advanced Northwest B Proto See article in Speed section

Combat's First 20 Years 18th installment: The years 1957 and 1958 in Combat section

2017 Oregon Flying Fun No. 3 braves dismal forcast See article on WOLF page in NW Club News

Combat's First 20 Years 17th installment: The year 1956 in Combat section

D Speed Boris gets a ride! See article in Speed section >>

Combat's First 20 Years 16th installment: Bill Tucker in Combat section

See Buzz Wilson's latest Musings from the Combat Pits column, Aeronautic quips and quotes, in Regular columns

Fliers defy the raindrops at Oregon Flying Fun No. 2 See article

Combat's First 20 Years 15th installment: The Transition Years in Combat section

Beginner's guide to Northwest B Proto Speed See article in Speed section

Want to get started racing in the Northwest? See Racing made easy in the Fast Laps column in the Racing section

Combat's First 20 Years 14th installment: Barry Baxter in Combat section

<< Reworking 'Boris' for D Speed See article in Speed section

Northwest fliers open season with Polar Bear Fun Fly and Oregon Flying Fun No. 1 See article

An important poll for Regionals Scale contestants has been posted on the NW CL Forum Be sure to express your preference!

Combat's First 20 Years 13th installment: Carl Berryman in Combat section

Mike Hazel wins Competitor of Year title See article on NW Standings page >>

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