Control-line model aviation product suppliers

  • AA Models -- Engines, airplanes, parts and accessories with a focus on F2D Combat. Email for catalog.
  • -- Online combat hobby store in Canada featuring a wide range of combat competition planes, engines and accessories.
  • Aero Ply Research -- Floyd Carter's products for spark ignition systems
  • Aero Products, a supplier of CL kits, engines and supplies, specializing in precision aerobatics
  • American Junior Classics -- Historic Jim Walker CL products. The site is no longer selling products due to the death of owner Frank Macy, but it remains an interesting historical reference.
  • Aviatronics Ltd., maker of Aviastar model engines, suppliers of engines to Chinese stunt world champions. World championship engine info.
  • Balsa USA -- Supplier of balsa and other woods
  • Barry Baxter's Control-Line Plans service
  • Bill's Hobby Shop -- Control-line supplies only, 800 different items, phone (210) 337-8368
  • BMJR Models -- Kits and accessories
  • Black Hawk Models, a maker of many small, nostalgia control-line kits
  • Blue Sky models -- Kits and custom building
  • Brodak Manufacturing Co., a maker and distributor of control-line kits and supplies
  • BuiltRightFlyRight, Walter Umland's CL kits
  • Buran's Antiques and Collectibles -- Also a CL hobby shop
  • Carlson Engine Imports -- A supplier of many engines, diesel fuel and other modeling products
  • CFC Graphics -- Model airplane graphics
  • The Corehouse -- Foam wings and kits by Phil Cartier
  • County Line Hobbies -- An Indiana hobby shop that carries control-line products and will ship.
  • Cox International -- Cox engines and parts
  • The Craftsman -- Stunt and Racing engine tuning and custom kit building by Jed Kusik
  • Doctor Diesel -- Eric Clutton's engines and diesel conversions
  • Eichenberger Products -- Carbon fiber and composite epoxy/glass props for Speed and Racing
  • Eliminator Props -- Propellors
  • Eugene Toy & Hobby, Eugene, Ore. -- the Northwest's best CL hobby shop
  • Fox Manufacturing Co., -- Maker of CL engines, glow plugs and other supplies
  • Fuel shutoffs for Racing -- Dale Long supplies Racing shutoffs
  • Doug Galbreath -- Cyclon and Nelson engines, plugs, audio tachs, etc.
  • Goodyear Plans -- Doug Mayer supplies plans for Racing planes
  • Hobbins Hobbies -- U.K. maker of vintage Combat airplane kits and other CL supplies.
  • Hobby Club -- Supplier of Fora, Profi and other engines, carbon fiber and glass propellers, Nelson plugs, etc.
  • John Newton Speed Products -- Fiberglass shells and aluminum wings for Speed planes, props, etc. 909-720-1940
  • ICBIMProducts -- Maker of model airplane engine gaskets.
  • Lee Machine Shop -- Tools and accessories
  • Lone Star Models -- CL supplies and balsa
  • Mark Warwashana -- Don's racing wheels, fast-fills, etc.
  • MBS Model Supply -- Melvin Schuette offers bulk lines, hardware and accessories
  • McMaster-Carr -- Supplier of a wide range of industrial supplies large and small, many of which are useful for model airplane construction
  • Michael Willcox -- FAI Combat supplies
  • Microfasteners -- Hardware
  • Micro-Mark Tools -- Supplier of all kinds of small tools
  • MNT International -- Kaz Minato, supplier of engines, mufflers, spinners, props, parts
  • ModelWings -- UK CL ARFs
  • National Balsa -- Supplier of balsa, basswood and light plywood
  • OPS Engines America -- Bill Hughes supplies engines and parts
  • Partner Productions -- Chris Sackett's current and vintage Speed plane plans.
  • Pat King -- A maker of laser-cut model airplane kits, including several CL designs
  • Planet Hobby -- NovaRossi engines
  • Powermaster Hobby Products -- Fuel manufacturer
  • RGGraphix -- Vinyl lettering
  • Racing supplies from Darrel Albert, the former Kustom Kraftsmanship line
  • RSM Distribution, a supplier of control-line model aviation products
  • Russian-made competition engines. These websites are mostly in Russian language:
    Profi engines
    Fora engines
  • Silver Foxx Motors -- Lew Woolard's competition engine tuning
  • Sig Manufacturing Co., a maker and distributor of all kinds of model aviation kits and supplies
  • Streamer Shuttle -- Combat airplane kits and accessories
  • Stunt Hangar Hobby -- This is where you can find Tom Morris control and hardware products, wood and other supplies
  • Tank's Hangar, supplying Al Rabe stunt short kits and other aeromodeling projects
  • TCA Racing Accessories -- High-tech Italian glowplugs.
  • Tower Hobbies has some control-line supplies and general modeling supplies
  • Windy Urtnowski -- Stunt building videos and products
  • TYME -- Scott Riese supplies venturis, mufflers and other hardware
  • Vintage Performance -- Makes vintage CL model kits of all kinds.
  • Zoro Tools -- Supplier of a wide range of tools and supplies of all kinds
  • ZZ Prop – Fiberglass and carbon fiber propellers for CL competition custom made by Mike Hazel
  • Northwest suppliers in boldface

    Pacific Northwest's best Hobby Shops

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