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Flying Lines scale columnist Orin Humphries at Kitty Hawk.

Scale Matters

By Orin Humphries

New! August 2022 column: Remote needle valve assemblies, and more

December 2021 column: Sport planes and prop pitches

October 2021 column: Instrument panels

September 2021 column: Building a vintage kit

March 2021 column: Those baffling fuel tanks

February 2020 column: Help us identify the mystery monoplane

February 2019 column: Vacuum molding Part 2: Preparing the canopy plug

December 2018 column: Vacuum molding Part 1

October 2018 column: Trust nothing about .049s

July 2018 column: Boyhood recollections at the Regionals

April 2018 column: Of Blackbirds, .049s and the pursuit of knowledge

November 2017 column: Son of 1/2-A Operations: The fuel

July 2017 column: 1/2-A Operations

April 2016 column: Nostalgia and other items

March 2016 column: A classy shutdown for the judges

October 2015 column: The canopy slider, Part 2

July 2015 column: The canopy slider, Part 1

January 2015 column: French curves, copiers and other challenges in scale building

November 2014 column: Orin tests strength of longerons and stringers

February 2014 column: Orin tests I-beam strengths

October 2012 column: Orin's battle to collect accurate scale data

Early 2012 column: F-84E Thunderjet project

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