Planes of Slav Malovan (left) and Russ Hester battle in 15 Fast Combat on Sunday at the Jim Walker Memorial. Flying Lines photo.

2024 Jim Walker Memorial

April 26-28, Jim Walker Memorial Control-Line Field, East Delta Park, Portland, Ore.

The traditional Northwest control-line competition season opener was again ably hosted by the Northwest Fireballs, the Portland-based flying club

The contest ran smoothly under Contest Director Jim Cameron and an energetic staff that included the registration/tabulation crew of Barbara White and Robin Gearn, Stunt Director Tim Wescott, Combat Director Gary Harris, Carrier Director Mike Potter and Speed Director Mike Hazel.  Jim Cameron directed the racing events.  Assisting were may other Fireballs and friends including chef Doug Powers, Don Curry, Darrin Bishop, Terence Bardue, Mark Crouse and others.

The only downside was a second consecutive year of low attendance possibly attributable to a poor weather forecast.  Weather actually turned out much better than the forecast and all events proceeded without significant delays or mishaps.

Best-attended event was Combat, which had seven entries in 80mph Combat and six in 15 Fast, both of which were won by Russ Hester.

A tasty lunch was provided both weekend days and coffee and pastries were available every morning.

Watch this space for reports from the contest director and event directors, which will be posted as they come in.

Carrier Report, by ED Mike Potter

Pretty low turnout I assume the weather was a factor. As it turned out the misty rain wasn't bad and the lack of wind was a plus. The airplane-eating tree didn't get any victims this year. Jim Schneider laid out the circle center with precision being the victim last year with two tree strikes.

2024 Jim Walker Memorial Results

Compiled by Barbara White
(Pts. column indicates Northwest Standings points)

Jim Walker Memorial photo gallery

Gary Harris (left) and the 80mph Combat contestants on Saturday (from right): Russ Hester, first place; John Thompson, second; Gene Pape, third; Slav Malovan, fourth; Robert Smith, John Knoppi and Jim Green. Photo from Facebook.

Contestants and workers in 15 Fast Combat gathered for a group photo on Sunday. From right: Russ Hester, first place; Gene Pape, second; Slav Malovan, third; John Knoppi, fourth; Jim Green, fifth; and workers Terence Bardue, Gary Harris and Mark Crouse. Flying Lines photo.