Control-line model aviation links

If you live in the Pacific Northwest and are looking for a club to join and a place to fly, here are some contacts:

Here are links to some other interesting control-line model aviation sites:

  • Excellence in Control-Line, a comprehensive CL site
  • Stuka Stunt Forum, an excellent general control-line discussion board.
  • Hangar Flying control-line forum hosted by Phil Brown.
  • Goran Olsson's fantastic all-CL Web site with a worldwide perspective, based in Sweden.
  • Pacific Northwest Diesel Combat: An extensive site devoted to this growing combat activity,with the Pacific Northwest schedule, results, rules and other data, regularly updated.
  • Barry Baxter's Control-Line Plans service.
  • Stunt Hanger Forum, mostly about stunt flying
  • Phil Brown's excellent Control-Line Master Link Site: Every CL link you can think of!
  • The story of control-line pioneer Oba St. Clair
  • Brotherhood of the Ring: All things about the Ringmaster family of CL models, and some other stuff, too
  • Navy Carrier flying website from the United Kingdom with lots of photos and contest reports
  • New England Combat News, covering combat flying in the Northeast
  • Here are links to some general aviation sites that might be of use to CL modelers:

    Control-line product suppliers

    Go to this page for links to manufacturers and distributors of control-line model aviation products.

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