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Northwest Control-Line Competition Rules

Approved! 15 Fast Combat starting procedure changed, engine displacement corrected See article

Change in Vintage Diesel Combat engine rule effective for 2021 See article

2020 Northwest Vintage Combat rules posted See rules

Here are links to rules of the specific Northwest CL events

Northwest Profile Stunt

Northwest Sport Race

Northwest Super Sport Race

Northwest Flying Clown Race

Northwest Goodyear

Dallas Sport Goodyear

80mph Combat

Revised for 2024! Northwest Vintage Combat

Vintage Diesel Combat

Open Diesel Combat

15 Fast Combat

Graffiti Combat

.15 Carrier

Nostalgia Carrier

Northwest Sport 40 Carrier

Northwest B Proto Speed

Northwest C Speed

Northwest Sport Jet Speed

F2D Proto Speed

How the Northwest rules process works

Since its inception in the late 1970s, the Northwest Rules process has been coordinated by Flying Lines. John Thompson serves as the unofficial rules coordinator, keeping track of the rules and conducting elections to add to or update the rules.

When someone has an idea for a new Northwest event, or wants to propose a change in existing rules, this is what happens: The person submits the idea/proposal to Flying Lines via John Thompson. If necessary, John will assist in putting the proposal into the standard format for Northwest rules. He may assist in drafting the formal proposal to make sure it accomplishes what the proposer has in mind.

Once the proposal is drafted, it is published via Flying Lines. In the past, this was via the printed newsletter; now it is via the website. Along with the proposal is published an explanation of the purpose of the proposal.

Then there is a period of comment, usually a month or two. The FL Northwest control-line forum is a good place for this discussion to take place.

After the comment period, the proposer may want to make modifications to the proposal based on the comments received. If so, usually another comment period would be allowed.

After the comment period, a ballot is published, and time left for voting. Any Northwest CL modeler who has participated in the affected catgory in the past five years as a contestant or official can vote on the proposal. Voting will be conducted by e-mail or snail mail. This method allows the coordinator to verify that each person votes only once.

After the voting is complete, results are announced and the new rules are posted on the website.

Any Northwest CL modeler can make rules proposals, provided that the proposer has participated in the affected category as a contestant or official within the past five years. "Category" is defined as the general type: Combat, Aerobatics, Speed, Scale, Navy Carrier, Racing. "Northwest" is defined as being a resident of AMA Dist. XI or British Columbia.

Rules listed as "provisional" are rules that have not been voted on; These are initial rules used informally and will be subject to a formal vote for acceptance or revision at some future time.

For more information on Northwest rules, contact the coordinator, John Thompson.

Rules process article archive

2019 rule change requires 60-foot lines in Fast Clown Race See article

Four engines added to 2019 Northwest Sport Race list See article

80mph Combat line diameter set at .018 for all planes in 2019 See article

Two rules changes in 2018 for Northwest Sport Race: ASP .25 added to the engine list and shutoffs legalized See article

Rule change clarifies Sport 40 carburetor specification See article

Rule chang removes Sport 40 Carrier fuel restrictions See article

Provisional rules posted for 2014 Northwest 15 Fast Combat

Rules change allows O.S. LA .25 engine in Northwest Sport Race See article

Rules change amends F2D Proto Speed muffler rule See article

Rule change approved to limit nitro content in Sport 40 Carrier See article

Change in 80mph Combat speed limit defeated See article

F2D Proto Speed rules change proposal approved, clarifying muffler rule for 2011 and beyond See article

Rules change proposal for .15 Carrier, adding profile requirement withdrawn See article

AMA rules changes for 2011-12 summarized See article

Provisional rules posted for new Northwest C Speed event

Provisional rules posted for new Northwest Sport 40 Carrier event

Two rules changes approved for Vintage Diesel Combat See article

Rule change approved clarifying F2D Proto lines, pull test and model weight See article

Line diameter change for 80mph Combat withdrawn See article

Propeller change approved for 2010 Vintage Diesel Combat See article

Change in 80mph Combat rules defeated See article for details

Changes in F2D Proto and Vintage Diesel Combat approved See article for details

F2D Proto rules posted

New Speed event has provisional status See introductory article Rules below

Approved proposal: Eliminates P-40 Stunt displacement rule

Event is now Profile Stunt Full story

NW Sport Jet Speed 2008 rules changes approved

Updating pull test, line size and length Full story

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