Welcome to the fascinating sport of control-line model airplane flying!

There are many kinds of model airplane flying that you may have heard about: Radio control, free-flight, even rocketry. The Flying Lines web site is dedicated to the exciting, close-to-the ground form of miniature aviation, control-line flying.

Control-line is the type of model airplane flying that directly links the pilot with the airplane via steel wires. The airplanes are fully aerobatic, and come in many sizes and types.

Most CL fliers build their own airplanes, either from scratch or from commercially available kits. There are, however, some almost-ready-to fly control-line model airplanes that will help you get started right away.

There also are fascinating competitions for the exciting, close-to-the-ground sport of control-line model aviation.

Such competitions, in the United States, are governed and sanctioned by the Academy of Model Aeronautics, which publishes the fine magazine, Model Aviation. Competitive model airplane fliers -- as well as the casual "sport" fliers ­ are members of the AMA. AMA runs the annual National Model Airplane Championships at the International Aeromodeling Center in Muncie, Ind., which is also the location of the National Model Airplane Museum. For a look at model aviation in general, check out the AMA's web page.

Control-line model airplanes engage in precision aerobatics, combat (dogfighting), racing, Navy Carrier, speed and scale competition. There are special interest groups for each type of CL competition, which work with the AMA to organize national contests and oversee the rules. The special interest groups are:

  • Precision Aerobatics Model Pilots Association: PAMPA publishes the bi-monthly newsletter, Stunt News. U.S. dues are $35. Write PAMPA, 158 Flying Cloud Isle, Foster City, CA 94404, or check out PAMPA's Web page.
  • Miniature Aircraft Combat Association: MACA publishes the monthly newsletter, MACA News. U.S. dues are $15 ($18 in Canada, $25 foreign). Write MACA, c/o Gene Berry, 4610 89th St., Lubbock, TX 79424, or check out MACA's Web page.
  • Navy Carrier Society: NCS publishes Hi-Low Landings  newsletter. Write Editor Bill Bischoff at 3734 Truesdell, Dallas, TX 75344 or check the NCS Web page.
  • National Control-Line Racing Association: NCLRA publishes a regular newsletter. To join, send $10 dues to NCLRA, in care of Mike MacCarthy, 4704 Hillsboro Court, Santa Rosa, CA 95405. Also, check the NCLRA's Web page. For discussion of control-line racing, join the Delphi Racing Forum.
  • North American Speed Society: NASS publishes the newsletter Speed Times. For information, write NASS, P.O. Box 371, Fenton, MI 48430. NASS Web page.
  • In the Pacific Northwest, the control-line fliers and clubs are linked by the Flying Lines Web site, an independent site that covers all facets of control-line model aviation. There's a calendar of events, contest results, technical articles, Northwest standings and records, club news, and more. If you live in AMA Dist. XI (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Alaska), or British Columbia, you're part of the Flying Lines CL family. Feel free to browse the Web site, and send your comments and contributions to the editor, John Thompson.

    More general information about control-line flying in the Pacific Northwest is available on the control-line links page.

    For a good overview of the sport of control-line model aviation, see the Wikipedia article.

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