This is only some of the pit area at the Church on the Rise flying field on Saturday, March 30, 2024, when the Roseburg, Ore., area fliers hosted their annual fun fly.  In the background is the nice clubhouse provided by the church, which offers restrooms and a place to get warm and dry should it be needed. Flying Lines photo.

Oregon Flying Fun No. 2 2024
Dave Shrum's modeling collection is a highlight

March 30, 2024, Roseburg, Ore.

The late Dave Shrum was present in spirit at the 2024 Oregon Flying Fun No. 2, held on a glorious sunny day at Church on the Rise in Roseburg.  Dave's many airplanes and engines were offered as door prizes for the event, along with plans and lots of other modeling gear.  Everyone who attended took home pieces of Dave's extensive collection.

As usual, the Roseburg area control-line enthusiasts hosted a delightful day of flying, along with a tasty barbecue lunch.

Participants brought out an array of unusual airplanes to fly on a day with just a little breeze. The field was damp from recent rains but solid enough for flying and well-mowed by the energetic Roseburg CL flying group.

Those attending included Jim Corbett, Mark Crouse, Mike Hazel, Russ Hester, Walter Hicks, Dave La Fever, Bob Lewis, Slav Malovan, Terry Mitchell, Bil Mix, Chris Nicholls, Gene Pape, Alan Rader, John Thompson and Gary Weems, and possibly some others.

Next up in the Oregon Flying Fun series is No. 3, in Eagle Point, Ore., on March 4, hosted by the control-line fliers of the Rogue Eagles.  See Where the Action Is for details.

Oregon Flying Fun No. 2 photo gallery

Many of the late Dave Shrum's planes were displayed (all those facing the trailer) and then given away as door prizes and a few were flown in his honor. Flying Lines photo.

The door prize table included many of Dave's engines and lots of other modeling gear. Flying Lines photo.

The pit area was busy all day.  At left Russ Hester prepares a Combat plane for a flight. Flying Lines photo.