Northwest Control-Line people

This is a gallery of Pacific Northwest Control-Line model airplane fliers and supporters. We'll gradually be adding people to the gallery.

New people added Sept. 5, 2022

Milissa Brown brought three potential control-line fliers to watch the Combat action at the 2022 Bladder Grabber in Snohomish, Wash. Combat fliers recognize Milissa as the 2005 Bladder Grabber champion, when she was known and feared as the dangerous Combat flier Milissa Huber. Her crew is (from left): Morgan, 6, Talon, 5, and Keelan, 10. We hope to see Milissa (and the kids) out flying control-line planes again soon. Tony Huber photo.

Left: Jim McCartney of Lake Tapps, Wash., with his Me109. Mike Potter photo. Right: Mark Schluter of Umpqua, Ore. Flying Lines photo.

Two of the active fliers in the Roseburg area, seen at the Sunshine Park flying site: at left Darrell Hahn and at right Bill Mix. Bob Lewis photos.

Two guys who have a lot of fun with very small control-line airplanes are Bill Lee (left) and Doug Powers of Portland, Ore., seen here at the 2017 Zoot Ranch Fun Fly. Flying Lines photo.

A flier new to the Northwest in 2018 is Combat flier Russ Hester of Florence, Ore. Russ, moved to Oregon from California in 2017. Flying Lines photo.

Left: Russell Shaffer of Klamath Falls, Ore. Right: Mike Haverly of Auburn, Wash. Both seen at the 2016 Fall Follies in Salem, Ore. Flying Lines photos.

At left, Combat flier John Knoppi, of Renton, Wash., and Speed and Racing flier Bruce Tunberg of McMinnville, Ore., both seen at the 2016 Jim Walker Memorial Spring Tune-Up in Portland, Ore. Flying Lines photos.

Left: Gordon Rea of Eugene, Ore., with Shark .35 built by his dad, Dean Rea. Right: Dean Rea. Photos by Dean and Gordon Rea.

Left: Tom Brightbill of Oregon City, Ore. Flying Lines photo. Right: Mark Winz of Edgewood, Wash. Daniel Johnson photo.

Left: Floyd Carter of Eugene, Ore. Flying Lines photo. Center: The late Rex Abbott of Sequim, Wash. Daniel Johnson photo. Right: Keith Varley of Vancouver, B.C. Flying Lines photo.

Left: Northwest Fireballs member Don Curry seen in November 2011 with his new Tomahawk at East Delta Park. Geoff Christianson photo. Right: Paul and Dianne Gibeault, speed fliers from Leduc, Alberta, and regulars at Northwest Speed contests.

Seen at 2011 Fall Follies: Left photo: Alice Cotton-Royer and Dave Royer, of Portland, Ore. Right photo: Steve Helmick of Renton, Wash. Flying Lines photos.

Seen at 2011 Fall Follies: Left: Marshall Palmer of Klamath Falls, Ore. Right: Dane Covey of Tacoma, Wash. Flying Lines photos.

Seen at 2011 Fall Follies: From left: Pete Peterson of Tacoma,Wash., Bob Emmett of Sequim, Wash., Tim Wescott of Oregon City, Ore. Flying Lines photos.

Left photo: Glenn Little of Vancouver, B.C., seen at the Vancouver Gas Model Club's 2011 Polar Bear Fun Fly. Wayne Scott photo. Right photo: Mark Scarborough of Pullman, Wash., shows off both his Avenger plane for Classic Stunt and the shirt it inspired for the 2011 Northwest Control-Line Regionals, Flying Lines photos.

Left photo: Greg Davis of Port Coquitlam, B.C., is an all-round modeler who flies this Stunt Master powered by a K&B Torpedo .23. Ken Burdick photo. Right photo: Mike Conner of Maple Ridge, B.C., with a Ringmaster at the Vancouver Gas Model Club's 2011 Polar Bear Fun Fly. Wayne Scott photo.

Left: Gene Pape of Eugene, Ore., seen at 2010 Bladder Grabber fast combat tournament in Snohomish, Wash., which he won. Right: Mike Hazel, of Mehama, Ore., all-around CL flier, contest director and writer, at 2011 Oregon Flying Fun No. 2 in Roseburg, Ore. Flying Lines photos.

Left: Bob Lewis of Roseburg, Ore., seen with his Challenger at the Oregon Flying Fun No. 3 fun-fly in Salem, Ore., on March 13, 2010. Bruce Hunt photo. Right: Dave Shrum of Roseburg, seen at Oregon Flying Fun No. 2 in Roseburg on Feb. 12, 2011. Flying Lines photo.

Left photo: Combat flier Robert Smith of Roy, Wash., with a 1/2-A Combat plane at the 2009 Jim Walker Memorial. Center photo: Howard Rush of Bellevue, Wash.,, expert Precision Aerobatics Flier, still keeps his hand in at Combat. Seen in the 80mph pits at the 2009 Jim Walker. Gene Pape photos. Right photo: Dean Singleton of Salem, Ore., seen flying at Oregon Flying Fun No. 3, March 13, 2010. Flying Lines photo.

Left photo: New fliers in McMinnville, Ore., Ehren (left) and John Castle. Center photo: Mike Massey of Eagle Point, Ore., seen at the Eugene Airport. Flying Lines photos. Right photo: The late Geoff Christianson of the Portland area, flying at the 2009 Jim Walker. Jim Harper photo.

Two Northwest combat fliers: At left, Tristan McKay, son of Don McKay (photo below), checking a plane for trim at the 2008 Bladder Grabber fast combat contest. At right, the late Max Boyd in combat trim at the Bladder Grabber. Flying Lines photos.

Some of the British Columbia fliers seen at the Jan. 1, 2008, Polar Bear Fun fly. Left photo: Bruce Duncan of Langley. Center photo: Henry Hajdik of New Westminster. Right photo: (from left) Christopher Gaudreau, Jack Oster and Wayne Scott. Keith Varley photos.

Left and second from left: Two of the Northwest's Navy Carrier fliers and officials, Mike Potter (left) of Auburn, Wash., and Shawn Parker. Photos provided by Mike Potter. Center: Dave Royer of Portland, Ore., flying in Eugene. Flying Lines photo. Second from right: Mike "ZZ" Hazel with Mr. Stubby sport plane. Flying Lines photo. Right: Jerry Eichten flying. Bruce Hunt photo.

Left and center: Two of the Eugene Prop Spinners' most active members: At left, Mike Denlis, president, with "Big Red"; at right, Jim Corbett, newsletter editor, with Clown. Right photo: Pete Ferguson of Washington state launches a plane at the 2009 Jim Walker Memorial in Portland. Flying Lines photos.

Two "Top Dog" combat fliers, seen at the 2007 Top Dog meet in Snohomish, Wash. Left: Don McKay of Redmond, Wash. Right: Kenny Johansen of Stanwood, Wash. Mel Lyne photos.


Left photo: Bob Nelson, of Redmond, Wash., a longtime combat flier, seen at a Bladder Grabber in the 1980s. Center photo: Jessica Hanson of Pullman, Wash., made her first CL flights at the TEAM Country Classic in McMinnville, Ore., on Aug. 25, 2007. Mark Scarborough photo. Right photo: One of the hard workers in The Evergreen Aero Modelers is Dave Bibbee. Flying Lines photo.

In left photo, one of the Northwest's flying families: The Beers clan from Cascade, Mont. Greg works on a plane in the 2007 Regionals speed pits while (from left) Laura, Jenessa, Danilla and a friend look on. Rich Salter photo. Right photo: Jerry Eichten instructs daughter Tori in flying techniques at the 2007 Lucky Hand Fun Fly in Salem, Ore. Flying Lines photo.

Left: The Broadway Bod Busters combat, racing and stunt team, from the Puget Sound area (left to right): Buzz Wilson, Jeff Rein, Ken Burdick -- after sweeping the top three places in 80mph combat at the 2007 Jim Walker Memorial. Center: Mike Denlis of Eugene, Ore. (left) and Jack Pitcher of Gresham, Ore. (now of Colorado), seen at the April 1, 2007 fun fly in McMinnville, Ore. That's Jack's Centennial in the foreground. Flying Lines photos. Right: Ted Gritzmacher of Battle Ground, Wash., with plane at the 2007 Regionals. Rich Salter photo.

Left: Doug Wood of Idaho Falls, Idaho (left) and Art Zehner of Portland, Ore. Right: Richard Entwhistle of Scappoose, Ore. Leo Mehl photos.

Left: The late control-line historian Frank Macy speaks to fliers during break in the TEAM Country Classic at McMinnville, Ore. Right: Nils Norling of Madras, Ore., at McMinnville with his many-colored Shark. Jerry Eichten photos.

Left: Keith Varley of Vancouver, B.C., with a P-40 stunter. Right: Bill Veselik of Portland with his Caudron. Jerry Eichten photos.

Left: We don't know who this guy is, but we hear he's a pretender to the throne of "king of expert stunt fliers." Right: Terry Chard of McMinnville, Ore., shows off nice semi-scale stunter. Jerry Eichten photos.

Left: Greg Hart (left) of Molalla, Ore., and Leo Mehl of Portland, Ore., at the Fall Follies in Salem, Ore., 2006. Right: John Leidle (left) of Kirkland, Wash., and Mike Haverly of Auburn, Wash., at the Follies. Flying Lines photos.

Combat flier Milissa Huber, 2005 Bladder Grabber AMA Combat contest winner, seen with pit crew chief and uncle Tony Huber, at 2006 Bladder Grabber. Todd Ryan photo.

Left: Buzz Wilson of Belfair, Wash., preparing an 80mph combat plane at the 2006 Fall Follies in Salem, Ore. Flying Lines photo. Right: Tom Knoppi of Renton, Wash., longtime Northwest modeler and team race expert, seen on the sidelines at the 2006 Bladder Grabber combat contest.

Left: Dirty Dan Rutherford of Bothell, Wash., and Bruce Hunt of Salem, Ore., clad in the latest aerobatics fashion, seen at Stunt-a-Thun 2006. Flying Lines photo. Right: Greg and the late Roy Beers, at the Regionals. Rich Salter photo.

Northwest Regionals 2006 competitors (left to right): Austin Johansen of Stanwood, Wash., Jenessa Beers of Cascade, Mont., Jeff Rein of Covington, Wash., and Les Akre of Edmonton, Alberta. Rich Salter photos.

Left: Loren Howard and Laura Beers at the Regionals speed circle. Center: Relaxed racer Todd Ryan of Moses Lake, Wash., at the Regionals trophy celebration. Rich Salter photos. Right: Mike Haverly with his Oriental Plus and Oriental at Stunt-a-Thun 2006. Flying Lines photo.

Left: Regionals CD Craig Bartlett in rare view -- with an airplane! Rich Salter photo. Right: Dee Rice (kneeling), designer of the Oriental, was an honorary Northwest flier at the Stunt-a-Thun. Dee, of Houston, Texas, is surrounded by NW fliers and their Orientals (from left) Mike Fitzgerald, Mike Haverly, Keith Varley. Flying Lines photo.

Left to right: Gerald Schamp of Albany, Ore., with Re Run; Mac Ryan of Burbank, Wash., teaching kids to fly in Salem, Ore.; Floyd Carter of Eugene, Ore., with Wildman 60. Flying Lines photos.

Left photo (from left): Steve Helmick and Leo Mehl judging stunt, Todd Ryan and Mark Conner watching the flight. Right: Gary Harris (left) of Banks, Ore., officiating Combat at the 2016 Jim Walker Memorial Spring Tune-Up. Flying Lines photos.

Left: Some combat guys after a Vintage Diesel Combat contest (from left), John Thompson, Paul Vallins, Mel Lyne, Robert Smith. Right: Dave Gardner (left) and Mike Haverly judging a stunt flight. Flying Lines photos.

Left: John Hall of Sumner, Wash., with some of his collection of engines and tether cars. Right: Scott Riese of Portland, Ore., with Bi-Slob and fun-fly trophy. Flying Lines photos.

Left: Bruce Hunt with his venerable Shark. Right: The late Ron Salo of Surrey, B.C., with an FAI speed plane, seen at the Rice Mill Road flying site in Richmond, B.C. Flying Lines photos.

Left: Pat Johnston of Boise, Idaho, with his Mustang at the 2008 TEAM Country Classic. Flying Lines photo. Right: Randy Powell of Port Orchard, Wash., and Dangerous at 2006 Stunt-a-Thun. Flying Lines photo.

Left: The S&S Team, Rich Salter (left) and Dick Salter at the Jim Walker Memorial in Portland. Right: Intrepid 2006 Jim Walker contest workers Art Zehner (left) and Doug Powers. Jim Cameron photos.

Left: Portland area modelers (from left) John Anderson, Gary Harris, Mark Hansen at the 2006 Jim Walker contest. Jim Cameron photo. Right: Paul Walker of Deer Park, Wash. (left) and the late Don McClave of Portland, Ore., at at the Jim Walker contest in April 2007. Leo Mehl photo.

Left: David Miller of Pasco, Wash., with Flying Clown. Center: Oregon's Nitroholics Racing Team (John Thompson, left, and Mike Hazel), racing together nearly 30 years. Rich Salter photos. Right: Mike Holmack of Silver Lake, Wash., and Northwest sport racer. Jim Cameron photo

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