Proposal to clarify Sport 40 Carrier carburetor rule approved

Mike Potter proposed a changes in the Northwest Sport 40 Carrier rules that is intended to clarify the original intent of the event's rules.

The proposal was approved by a vote of Northwest Carrier fliers that concluded on Jan. 11, 2016. The final result was YES 83%, NO 17%

The change specifies that the "stock" engine requirement includes the mandate that the carburetor that is original equipment for that engine must be used. Carbs from other engines or after-market carburetors are not allowed.

As the originator of the event and the author of the original rules, Mike indicated that the stock carburetor requirment was intended at the beginning but was not clear in the initial version of the rules.

Rationale, as explained by Mike Potter:

Potter says the venturi size of carburetors varies, so that changing from original equipment could affect performance in a way not intended.

Effective date

The new rules are become effective for the 2016 competition season.

Proposal details

A copy of the new rules is below.

Northwest Sport 40 Carrier rules proposal

Effective Jan. 13, 2016

1. PURPOSE: It is the intent that this event will provide a simplified Navy Carrier competition using a simple airplane and a standard engine.

2. AIRPLANES: Any profile model of 300 or more square inches is allowed. There are no scale bonus points, but the model must display navy military markings of any nation. No method of changing the leadout position in flight is allowed. Movable control surfaces are allowed. Only single-engine planes are allowed.

3. ENGINES: Stock O.S. .40FP with stock muffler as supplied with the engine or Tower .40 with stock muffler as supplied with the engine, or O.S. .35FP with muffler as supplied with the engine are the only engines allowed. Muffler pressure is allowed. Engines must use carburetor that was manufactured with the engine, or an exact copy thereof.

4 . All AMA Profile Carrier rules, including scoring, apply except as noted above.


More information:

Complete details of the Northwest control-line rules process are available on the Northwest Rules page.

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