Voting approves nitro content limit
in Sport .40 Carrier

Joe Just has proposed a change to the Northwest Sport 40 Carrier rules that would limit the fuel to 10 percent nitromethane.

In a voting period from Dec. 5, 2011 to Jan. 5, 2012, Northwest Navy Carrier fliers approved the proposal to apply a 10 percent limit the Northwest Sport 40 Carrier fuel. The new rule also specifies the fuel formula and requires that contest management supply the fuel.

There was a discussion of the pros and cons of the proposal on the Northwest CL Forum.

The vote was 55 percent in favor of the proposal and 45 percent opposed.

Summary of change:

Fuel is limited to 10 percent nitromethane, 20 percent lubricant and the rest methanol.  Contest management is required to supply the fuel.

Official rules: The Sport 40 Carrier rules in place for 2011 were provisional, meaning that they were drafted on a trial basis and used without a formal vote of Northwest competitors. Action on the Just proposal was the first formal vote on the NW Sport 40 Carrier rules, which give them official status beginning in 2012.

For more information on the process of promulgating and revising Northwest control-line competition rules, see the Northwest Rules section.

The copy of the new rules showing the changes is below. See the Northwest Rules section for a copy of the current rules without the markup.

2012 Northwest Sport 40 Carrier rules as approved in voting concluded Jan. 5, 2012
New language in red; deleted language in strikethrough


1. PURPOSE: It is the intent that this event will provide a simplified Navy Carrier competition using a simple airplane and a standard engine.

2. AIRPLANES: Any profile model of 300 or more square inches is allowed. There are no scale bonus points, but the model must display navy military markings of any nation. No method of changing the leadout position in flight is allowed. Movable control surfaces are allowed. Only single-engine planes are allowed.

3. ENGINES: Stock O.S. .40FP with stock muffler as supplied with the engine or Tower .40 with stock muffler as supplied with the engine, or O.S. .35FP with muffler as supplied with the engine are the only engines allowed. Muffler pressure is allowed. There are no fuel restrictions.

4. FUEL: The fuel shall contain 10 percent nitromethane, 20 percent lubricant, and 70 percent methanol by volume.  Fuel shall be supplied by the contest management.

5. All AMA Profile Carrier rules, including scoring, apply except as noted above.


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