Proposals to remove Sport 40 Carrier fuel restrictions approved

Mike Potter proposed two changes in the Northwest Sport 40 Carrier rules that would either remove or reduce restrictions on fuel used in the event.

Both proposals were approved by a vote of Northwest Navy Carrier participants between Feb. 18 and March 18, 2015.

The effect is that Proposal No. 1, eliminating all fuel restrictions in Northwest Sport 40 Carrier, takes effect immediately and will be in effect for the first 2015 contest, the Jim Walker Memorial Spring Tune-Up in Portland, Ore., on April 19.

Passage of Proposal 1 makes Proposal 2 moot.

The vote results were:
Proposal 1: Eliminates fuel limitation requirement. Fuel no longer would be limited by 10 percent nitromethane, 20 percent oil, and would no longer be supplied by contest management. YES 60%, NO 40%

Proposal 2: Eliminates 20 percent oil content requirement. If this passes, and No. 1 does not, 10 percent nitro fuel would continue to be supplied by contest management but there would be no oil specification. YES 83%, NO 17%

Rationale, as explained by Mike Potter:

Proposal 1: There is no performance gain to be had using more than 10% nitro in the OS 40FP engine. Tests have shown that more than 10% will cause engine over heating and possible engine damage. This rule puts undue complications on contest organizers and competitors for no real reason.

Proposal 2: The availability of exactly 20% oil ratio fuel is quite limited around here. It can be special ordered but in case lots at great shipping cost. The average modeler does not have access to this ratio fuel. I propose (if the fuel restriction is not lifted completely) that the rule requiring only 20% oil be eliminated leaving only the 10% nitro restriction in place.

Approved 2015 Northwest Sport 40 Carrier rules

New language in red, deleted language in strikethrough

1. PURPOSE: It is the intent that this event will provide a simplified Navy Carrier competition using a simple airplane and a standard engine.

2. AIRPLANES: Any profile model of 300 or more square inches is allowed. There are no scale bonus points, but the model must display navy military markings of any nation. No method of changing the leadout position in flight is allowed. Movable control surfaces are allowed. Only single-engine planes are allowed.

3. ENGINES: Stock O.S. .40FP with stock muffler as supplied with the engine or Tower .40 with stock muffler as supplied with the engine, or O.S. .35FP with muffler as supplied with the engine are the only engines allowed. Muffler pressure is allowed.

4. FUEL: The fuel shall contain 10 percent nitromethane, 20 percent lubricant and 70 percent methanol by volume. Fuel shall be supplied by the contest management.

4. All AMA Profile Carrier rules, including scoring, apply except as noted above.


A final copy of the rules (without notations above) can be printed out from the Northwest Sport 40 Rules page in the Northwest Rules section.

More information:

Complete details of the Northwest control-line rules process are available on the Northwest Rules page.

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