1. PURPOSE: It is the intent that this event will provide an entry level Navy Carrier competition using a simple airplane.

2. AIRPLANES: Any model is allowed; it is not required to be a model of a full-scale aircraft. Working functions are strictly limited to throttle, hook and elevator; no working flaps, ailerons, rudder, etc. The tail "wheel" may be a non-moving hook.

3. ENGINES are limited to .15 displacement. Muffler pressure is allowed. Mufflers are recommended but not mandatory.

4. LINES, as measured from the center of the handle's grip to the center line of the aircraft, must be between 52 feet and 52 feet, 6 inches, with a diameter of .012 inch or larger.

5. PULL TEST shall be 25 Lbs.

6. MAXIMUM HIGH SPEED shall be 70 mph or 25.5 seconds.

7. Model shall be timed for 8 laps for high speed and low speed.

8. All AMA general rules, control-line rules and Navy Carrier rules shall apply unless specifically addressed above.

For information, contact: Mike Potter.

oh/jmt/4/16/93 -- r:mp/jmt/10/24/08

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