1. Philosophy: The Nostalgia Navy Carrier event offers Carrier flyers an opportunity for additional Navy Carrier competition in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. It recreates an earlier period of Navy Carrier flying which predated the prop-hanging slow flight which characterizes today's competition. As the years separate us more and more from the models, engines, and flying styles that formed the beginnings of the modern event, Nostalgia Navy Carrier will help to keep alive the memory of those earlier years. Because the models are simpler than those used in modern competition, Nostalgia Navy Carrier may introduce new flyers to Navy Carrier competition.

2. Applicability: The CL Navy Carrier rules as published in the 1974-1975 AMA Official Model Aircraft Regulations shall govern this event except as modified below.

3. Model Requirements: Model design is unrestricted except as specified below and in the AMA Official Model Aircraft Regulations. To encourage models which accurately reproduce actual nostalgia era Navy Carrier models, bonus points are awarded.

3.1. Engine Specifications: Engine and fuel system specifications shall be as listed in the current AMA regulations for each event.

3.2. Moveable Leadouts: Vertical or horizontal position of the leadouts relative to the model may not change in flight.

3.3. Electronic Control Systems: Electronic control systems are not permitted

4. Builder of the Model: The builder of the model rule does not apply to Nostalgia Navy Carrier.

5. Historic Model Bonus: A bonus of 100 points will be awarded for models which were designed, published, or kitted prior to January 1, 1978. The Contest Director may require proof of eligibility, which shall be the responsibility of the contestant. Proof may consist of dated, published plans; construction article, photograph or advertisement from dated magazines; dated photographs, and/or letter of confirmation of the date of design. Plans of unkitted, unpublished designs must be made available to NCS membership. To qualify for this bonus, models must comply with the following requirements:

5.1. Modifications: No modifications to the original design are permitted, except as listed below. Any modifications other than those listed in section 5.2 which, in the opinion of the event director, significantly change the appearance or performance of the model as it was originally designed, shall not be permitted. This prohibition includes, but is not limited to, changes in airfoil, changes in dimensions, and use of moveable control surfaces not included on the original design.

5.2. Allowable Modifications:

5.2.1. Landing gear may be changed in length or material, but must exit the model at the original position. A tail wheel may be substituted for a skid and vice versa. Wheels may be of any diameter.

5.2.2. Leadout position may be changed from that shown on the plan. Ground-adjustable leadouts are permitted.

5.2.3. Control travel, control mechanism location, and control mechanism may be changed.

5.2.4. Tip weight may be changed or may be adjustable.

5.2.5. Tail hook and its location may be changed.

5.2.6. Structural changes to strengthen the aircraft are permitted.

5.2.7. Building and finishing material substitutions are permitted.

5.2.8. Location of access hatches may be changed.

5.2.9. Engine mountings may be changed, and engines of different displacement may be used.

6. Non-Schnuerle Engine Bonus: Non-schnuerle engines will receive a bonus of 20 points.

7. Carrier Deck: A carrier deck corresponding to current AMA regulations will be used.

8. Records: Records will not be established for Nostalgia Navy Carrier.

9. Combination of Classes: Class I and Class II may be combined for Nostalgia Navy Carrier. If classes are combined, Class I models will receive a five percent bonus on total score (multiply Class I total score by 1.05). Profile Class will not be combined with Class I and Class II in Nostalgia Navy Carrier.


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