1. PURPOSE:  A low-tech Speed event for monoline or two-line control, using available .29 to .40 size engines.

2. All current applicable Academy of Model Aeronautics Speed rules shall apply, except as follows:

3. ENGINES:  Any  from .2800 to .4028 cubic inch displacement, either open face exhaust or mini-pipe. No megaphone or full-wave pipes allowed.

4. AIRPLANE:  Entrants are encouraged to use “Classic” layout speed plane designs with full fuselage, upright engine and symmetrical surfaces. Other design types will be allowed and begrudgingly tolerated.
4.1. Maximum model weight will be 34 ounces.

5. PROPELLER: Wooden propellors are prohibited.

6. LINES: Minimum line length shall be 70 feet. Lines shall be prepared per the AMA rulebook specifications.
6.1. Airplanes flown on a single wire control system shall use minimum diameter of .026 inches.
6.2. Airplanes flown on two-wire control systems shall use minimum diameter of  .018 inches. 

7. PULL TEST: Airplane and control system shall be subjected to a 40-G pull test.

8. TIMING: One-half mile (six laps) as per current AMA speed rules.


Northwest rules are coordinated and sponsored by Flying Lines, the independent voice of Northwest Control-Line model aviation.
Suggested donation is $5 per year.

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