The intent of this event is is to have a Vintage Combat event that is easy to compete in and can be flown in conjunction with other competition events without requiring a large amount of time or effort on the part of the contest management. The event is divided into Appearance and Flying segments. Appearance judging purposely does not encourage strict adherence to any standards as these were combat models, not beauty models. The Flying segment is set up to emphasize not damaging the models. The Appearance segment will only effect the Flying segment in case of ties.

Static Scoring

1. All models must have been designed and available in or before 1965. Dates listed on the will be used for models listed there. The entrant may be required to provide documentation for other models.

2. Models must conform to the outline of the original but need not exactly match original construction techniques. Styrofoam will not be allowed for construction.

3. Models must be presented for display and judging at the time specified.

4. Each model shall be tagged with an identifying number provided by the contest management.

5. Competitors may enter as many models as they choose.

6. While the builder-of-the-model rule shall be strictly enforced for award purposes and tiebreaker points for the flying competition, the entry of any models is encouraged, regardless of builder.

7. Each competitor and event official shall be given a 10-line ballot. These ballots will then be marked according to the identifying numbers on the models with the voters' choices for the top 10 models with number 1 being 10 points for the top choice and number 10 being 1 point for the lowest choice. Entrants below the top 10 will receive 0 points.

8. A designated time period will be allowed for judging.

9. The points from the combined ballots will determine the placement among the entrant-built models, but the result for all models will be listed in order for general information.

10. Each competitor shall be allowed only 1 place in the final judging order.

11. Models must be presented for appearance judging to be eligible for flying. If models chosen for flying do not receive any appearance points, those models will be judged per the previous rules by the competitors just before the flying, for the purpose of breaking ties in the flying scores.

Flying Competition

1. Flying competition shall be held with preserving the models as the utmost consideration. In order that the competition can be held in a minimum amount of time with the minimum number of officials, rules will mimic real air-to-air combat where being killed by your opponent, crashing your aircraft, or landing away from your base ends your day and probably your life.

2. Streamers strings shall be 2 feet longer than the standard string length. Line size, and other applicable rules will be per AMA event number 328 except as noted below.

3. Matches shall last 3 minutes from the go signal. Competitors shall both be given 1 minute after the go signal to start their engines and get their models airborne. Failure to become airborne in 1 minute will result in the loss of the match.

4. A 75 mph speed limit will be strictly enforced. The first model up will be timed to determine compliance. Assuming the first model up complies with the speed limit, the second model up need only be timed if it appears to be faster than the model already timed. Speeds in excess of 75 mph will result in a loss.

5. Scoring shall be 1 point per cut and 10 points per kill. No airtime points will be awarded. A kill ends the match, but the requirement to stay airborne to the end of the flight period still applies.

6. In the event of ties, the placing shall be determined by the static score of the models.

7. Competitions may be flown with a single round or multiple rounds at the discretion of the event director.

8. If only 1 round is to be flown and there is an odd number of contestants, the contestants who have already flown and not credited with a loss shall be given the opportunity to fly again to improve their scores starting with the contestant with the lowest flying score (appearance score to break ties). The entrant choosing to fly will be awarded either the higher score of the two matches flown so there will be no possible penalty for flying the second match except for the possibility of a damaged model. To encourage someone to fly the odd person, if no one chooses to fly against the odd person, the odd person shall be declared the winner.


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