1.1. Engine: Any diesel engine up to .21 c.i.d.
1.2 Only suction fuel systems are permitted.

2.1 Aircraft: Any design is permitted.

3.1 Pull test: 25 lb.

4.1 Lines shall be a minimum .015" diameter, stranded type, with a length of 52'-3" measured from the handle grip to the fuselage, plus or minus 6 inches.

5.1 Speed limit: 70 mph = 6.4 seconds/2 laps.

6.1 Number of models. One model per match.

7.1 Pit crew. Two pit crew are allowed per contestant. A contestant may start his own engine.

8.1 Officials: A contest shall be run by a circle marshal who shall be the overall timekeeper, plus one scorer per contestant.

9.1 The match: One minute for engine starting and launching. The 5-minute match clock is started as the second plane launches or at the end of the one minute, whichever comes first. The match lasts 5 minutes.

Engines must be started by hand.

9.2 Scoring: One point is deducted for each second a contestant's plane is on the ground during the 5 minute match. 50 points are awarded for each cut of their opponent's streamer or string with knot. There are no kills.
The match shall continue after a mid-air collision or line break. Lines may not be changed during a match.

10.1 Contest Procedure: Each contestant shall compete in 5 rounds. 2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, 0 for a loss. The top 4 flyers will than compete in 2 semifinals and a final to determine the winner.

10.2 Combat Site: A 5 foot radius pilots circle and a concentric 65 foot radius safety circle.



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