Musings from the Combat Pits

By Buzz Wilson

Buzz Wilson shares his experience in control-line combat competition.

New! March 2021 column: Construction notes for electronic launcher

New! February 2021 column: Electronic Combat plane launcher

August 2019 column: A propane-powered starter horn

April 2019 column: The Combat stooge revised

March 2019 column: New tools!

February 2019 column: Modifying line ends for Speed Limit Combat

January 2019 column: Combat 60 years ago

October 2018 column: The perfect stooge table

April 2018 column: March Madness trip and trauma

March 2018 column: The madness of contest preparation

February 2018 column: All about bladders for 1/2-A Combat

January 2018 column: Fora 1/2-A engine bearing problems

December 2017 column: A safety thong you can't miss

August 2017 column: Small tools for the Combat field

February 2017 column: Aeronautic quips and quotes

July 2016 column: Half-A testing, bad bearings

September 2014 column: The saga of the lost Nelson

October 2013 column: A computer-controlled foam cutter, Part IV

July 2012 column: A computer-controlled foam cutter, Part III

January 2012 column: A computer-controlled foam cutter, Part II

November 2011 column: The Nekked Chicken: How to Build Jeff Dawson's 1/2-A Combat plane

March 2010 column: For new Combat fliers: What do I fly? What do I need? Where can I get it?

February 2010 column: Fabricating a jig for building Vintage Diesel Combat Planes

January 2010 column 2: A computer-controlled foam cutter, Part I

January 2010 column 1: Storing lines and handles

December 2009 Column 2: Making Propellers Part II, The First Prop

December 2009 column 1: Making propellers, Part I, the Mold

November 2009 column: Making the Dick Salter combat/speed handle

<< April 2009 column: Building the new, improved combat pit box

Pitting series Part 4 Preparing for the contest

Pitting series Part 3 The role of the launcher/helper

Pitting series Part 2 The pilot's role in the combat pit team

Pitting series Part 1 Setting up a pit box for combat

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