Control-line circles at one of Oregon's best flying field, DeAlton-Bibbee Field in McMinnville, Ore., are being lost to development. Flying Lines photo.

McMinnville circles closing

Oregon's 'boutique' flying field lost to museum development

By Jerry Eichten

I learned today (April 14, 2009) that both CL circles at the TEAM model field in McMinnville, Oregon will close permanently sometime in May due to expansion of Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum facilities. 

While regrettable, we are pleased we've had the opportunity to demonstrate CL flying for thousands of air museum visitors during the past six years. 

And of course I am happy that so many of my CL friends have flown here at one time or another during our contests and fun-flys.  Your frequent compliments about our facility and events have been appreciated, and I will miss the chance to see us all gather among the tall trees.  (Keith and Leo's hula costumes notwithstanding)

 Our summer Country Classic contest tentative scheduled for August 22 & 23 will not take place.  Those dates are now available should any other Northwest group want to schedule something

 For a nostalgic look at our last gathering just a couple weekends ago, check out the story John Thompson wrote on the Flying Lines site: Oregon Flying Fun No. 4.

 Also, for many photos and stories of past Team Country Classic Contests at DeAlton-Bibbee Field, see the following articles:

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