The pit area was a busy place for two solid days during the 2007 TEAM Country Classic, with a good turnout of stunt fliers. Flying Lines photo.

TEAM Country Classic

Aug. 25-26, 2007, McMinnville, Ore.
Sponsored by The Evergreen Aero Modelers

Precision Aerobatics fliers from around the Pacific Northwest gathered at DeAlton-Bibbee Field at the Evergreen Aviation Museum in McMinnville, Ore., for the event that has become one of the highlights of the region's stunt year. It was two days of perfect weather, mostly sunny, warm but not too hot, and almost windless.

What little wind that there was was shifty, so fliers kept judges on the run as they searched for downwind, but wake turbulence from calm conditions caused more problems than the wind.

The contest was hosted by The Evergreen Aero Modelers, the club that flies regularly at the combined RC/CL site at the museum.

Turnout of fliers was excellent, and Contest Director Jerry Eichten kept the activities moving smartly for all of the two days. A tremendous number of flights were put in, and the contest ended by 3 p.m. on Sunday with everyone heading for home with a smile on their faces.

Fliers were treated well, as lunch was cooked for the crowd on both days in the oak grove between the RC and CL fields. Saturday's barbecue was hosted by Mrs. Haverly, and Sunday's by TEAM club membes Dick and Char Johnson. And everyone was happy to use the brand-new restroom/shower building on site. Many camped on site, though several also used the two brand-new motels within a couple of blocks of the site.

The flying itself had several highlights. There was a close shootout in the expert class, with Howard Rush, stopping by the contest on his way to the World Championship Team Trials in Muncie, Ind., captured first place with a second-round comeback. There were two twin-engine planes in the Profile Stunt class. Every event was well-attended. One brand-new Northwest competitor, Mike Denlis of Eugene, Ore., made his debut in the Intermediate class. There were three minor crashes, with all planes appearing repairable.

Stunt fliers are already making plans to attend the 2008 contest.

Here are the results. Northwest standings points in parentheses.

Classic Stunt (11 entries)
Pat Johnston, Boise, Idaho, 527 (11)
2. Scott Riese, Portland, Ore., 517 (10)
3. Bruce Hunt , Salem, Ore. 504.5 (9)
4. Pete Peterson, Tacoma, Wash., 500 (8)
5. Nils Norling, Madras, Ore., 481
6. Mike Haverly, Auburn, Wash., 473.5
7. John Thompson, Eugene, Ore., 463.5
8. Greg Hart, Molalla, Ore., 438
9. Rod Claus, Kent, Wash., 425
10. Mark Scarborough, Pullman, Wash., 408
11. Floyd Carter, Eugene, Ore., 371.5
Judges: Randy Powell, Jerry Eichten

Sportsman Profile Stunt (7 entries)
Rod Claus, 458 (7)
2. Mike Haverly, 457 (6)
3. Mark Scarborough, 419.5 (5)
4. Dave Gardner, Renton, Wash., 405.5 (4)
5. Greg Hart, 398
6. John Thompson, 384
7. Joe Just, Waitsburg, Wash., 78.5
Judges: Pete Peterson, Scott Riese

Expert Profile Stunt (5 entries)
Pat Johnston, 509 (5)
2. Scott Riese, 504 (4)
3. Bruce Hunt, 498.5 (3)
4. Randy Powell, Port Orchard, Wash., (2)
5. Nils Norling, 478
Judges: John Thompson, Jerry Eichten

Beginner Precision Aerobatics (2 entries)
Richard Entwhistle, Scappoose, Ore., 264 (2)
5. Joe Just, 152.5 (1)
Judges: Pat Johnston, Scott Riese

Intermediate Precision Aerobatics (3 entries)
Mark Scarborough, 444.5 (3)
2. Rod Claus, 433 (2)
3. Mike Denlis, Eugene, Ore., 412.5 (1)
Judges: Pat Johnston, Scott Riese

Advanced Precision Aerobatics (5 entries)
Mike Haverly, 480 (5)
2. Greg Hart, 472.5 (4)
3. John Thompson, 472 (3)
4. Floyd Carter, 449 (2)
5. Dave Gardner, 444.5
Judges: Bruce Hunt, Leo Mehl

Expert Precision Aerobatics (8 entries)
Howard Rush, Bellevue, Wash., 562 (12)
2. Scott Riese, 549 (10.5)
3. Pat Johnston, 545.5 (9)
4. Randy Powell, 538 (7.5)
5. Pete Peterson, 531
6. Leo Mehl, Portland, Ore., 474
7. Nils Norling, 481.5
8..Bruce Hunt, 429
Judges: Dave Gardner, John Thompson

Above photos: Twin-engine stunt planes made their debut in Profile Stunt at the Classic. Top photo is John Thompson's modified Twin Flite Streak. Below it is Joe Just's original design. Bruce Hunt photos.

Other contest notes:

Registration & Tabulation: Dave Bibbee
Score Runner: Jessica Hanson
Pull tester: Richard Entwistle
Contest Director: Jerry Eichten
The Evergreen Aero Modelers:

Results of this contest are included in Northwest Control-Line Competition Standings.

More TEAM Country Classic photos

Left photo: Rod Claus puts up a flight in Profile Stunt with his Cardinal, as Judges Pat Johnston (left) and Scott Riese watch. Right photo: Floyd Carter prepares his Thunderbird for Classic Stunt. Bruce Hunt photos.

Left photo: Howard Rush (left) and John Thompson examine the modified Twin Flite Streak. Damage occurred to the twin in a freak accident during a practice flight after the contest, but it's repairable. Bruce Hunt photo. Right photo: Jerry Eichten conducts a pilot meeting, as Mike Haverly (left) and Rod Claus look on. Flying Lines photo.

Left photo: Greg Hart flies with the Evergreen Aviation Museum in the background. Richard Entwistle photo. Right photo: A profile stunt flight in front of the museum. Bruce Hunt photo.

Leo Mehl prepares the Bear for a flight in Expert Precision Aerobatics. Plane at left is Nils Norling's Shark; at right is Howard Rush's Impact., first-place finisher. Bruce Hunt photo.

Scott Riese prepares his Cobra for a flight in Expert Precision aerobatics. Strong flying led to a second-place finish. Bruce Hunt photo.

Left photo: Dave Bibbee handled tabulation duties. Right photo: Floyd Carter examines Joe Just's product table. Flying Lines photos.

Left photo: Bruce Hunt's Impact. Right photo: Pete Peterson's Chipmunk. Flying Lines photos.

Above and below: Photos show the beautiful setting of the paved circle with the Evergreen Aviation museum to the left and the full-scale aircraft parked in the background. Flying Lines photos.

Left photo: Eugene Prop Spinners Mike Denlis (left) with Lite Wave and Floyd Carter with Sirius. Right photo: Armchair fliers Richard Entwistle (left) and Joe Just. Flying Lines photos.

Mike Haverly and his wife know how to travel to a contest in style. Flying Lines photo.

Left photo: Two of the beautiful Expert Precision Aerobatics planes: Randy Powell's Slider and Pete Peterson's Sultan. Right photo: With the pits filled with planes, the sidelines were filled with planes waiting for their turn in the prep line. Flying Lines photos.

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