Spectators lined up in chairs alongside the Hazel backyard flying circle, as planes were scattered in pit areas to the north (pictured) and south of the circle. Flying Lines photo.

Zoot Ranch Fun Fly is a celebration of CL fun

Mehama, Ore., Aug. 23, 2019

The approximately annual Zoot Ranch Fun Fly returned to the backyard of Mike and Laura Hazel on a perfect day for flying and feasting. Sunshine, perfect temperature, almost no wind made for a long, leisurely day of casual flying and socializing. Flying began at 10 a.m. and was still going on late in the afternoon.

Twenty-three fliers and family members attended, enough to keep the circle busy all day. They all brought with them enough food to feed everyone several times over. Mike and Laura provided the hot dogs and hamburgers, and everyone else brought side dishes and desserts -- lots of desserts!

A wide variety of sport, stunt and combat style airplanes were flown. Power ranged from spark ignition to electric. There was lots of entertaining flying and only one minor crash.

Attending were: Craig and Laury Bartlett; Floyd and Phyllis Carter; Mike Denlis; Don and Margaret Dotter; Mike and Laura Hazel; John, Donna and Lynnette Lickley; Steve Lindstedt; Robin and Matt Mason; Dave Royer and Alice Cotton-Royer; Mark Schluter; Dave and Peggy Shrum, John Thompson; and Gary and Peggy Weems.

Zoot Ranch Fun Fly photos

A Coon Dog built by Dave Shrum and flown by Mike Hazel. Flying Lines photo.

Mike Denlis is an enthusiast for 1950s vinitage ready-to fly planes. This is a Cox TD-4 that Mike restored, replacing the plastic wing with a built-up version. It stunts! Flying Lines photo.

Robin Mason takes off with his Super Clown, as Matt Mason launches. Flying Lines photo.

Gary Weems flies his McCoy .35-powered Flite Streak. Flying Lines photo.

Steve Lindstedt takes off on the maiden flight of his Yak-9 in Russian markings. The plane was a bit tailheavy and suffered a minor crash (below). Flying Lines photo.

Damage to the Yak will be repairable. Steve Lindstedt photo.

Hamburgers, hot dogs and lots of other food made for a festive lunch break. Flying Lines photo.

Mike Hazel takes off on a flight of the Coon Dog as Dave Shrum launches. Flying Lines photo.

Closer look at the Coon Dog, one of two built by Dave Shrum; this one now owned by Mike Hazel. Flying Lines photo.

Mike Denlis flies his vintage Wen-Mac powered AMF Stunt Trainer. Flying Lines photo.

A closer look at the AMF plane -- a very rare item! Flying Lines photo.

Dave Royer flies his Firecat. Flying Lines photo.

Dave Shrum defeats the aging process by steadying himself with a cane -- and still flies very well. Steve Lindstedt photo.

Floyd Carter flies his 00-ULA. Flying Lines photo.

A closer look at Carter's plane. Steve Lindstedt photo.

Two planes await action: In the foreground, Steve Linstedt's Yak, and in the background, Gary Weems' Flite Streak. Steve Lindstedt photo.

Dave Shrum's vintage Magician, with spark-ignition power. Steve Lindstedt photo.

Dave Royer's Firecat. Flying Lines photo.

Lickley family planes awaiting action. Flying Lines photo.

Lynette Lickley flies with some coaching from dad, John. Flying Lines photo.

Mark Schluter's Magician. Flying Lines photo.

Mark Schluter's electric Banshee. Flying Lines photo.

John Thompson brought this electric Gladiator, available almost-ready-to-fly from Brodak. Entertaining to fly, and quiet. Steve Lindstedt photo.

Camera trick: A telephoto lens and the correct angle makes it look as if Floyd Carter's plane was flying right over some stumps at the side of the circle. Actually, he had plenty of room to spare. Flying Lines photo.

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