Snoopy's Gnuz

By Snoopy

"Snoopy" is the pen name of an active Northwest multi-event control-line flier. His Flying Lines column covers a variety of CL-related topics. He welcomes questions for column ideas. E-mail Snoopy with your questions.

Snoopy's Gnuz July 2012 column: Muffler bearings ... ?

Snoopy's Gnuz March 2009 column: How to break in diesel engines

Snoopy's Gnuz February 2009 column: Questions invited on "the basics" for future columns

Snoopy's Gnuz February 2007 column – Try flying a new event for fun and diversity

Snoopy's Gnuz August 2006 column – At the Tailhook meet

Snoopy's Gnuz June 2006 column – At the 2006 Regionals

Snoopy's Gnuz May 2006 column – At the 2006 Jim Walker Memorial contest

Snoopy's Gnuz, April 2006 column – Care of control lines

Snoopy's Gnuz, February 2006 column – Propeller safety and Muppet names

Snoopy's Gnuz, January 2006 column – On the field safety

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