The Roseburg area fliers provided a tremendous array of excellent prizes for the Oregon Flying Fun No. 2 flying raffle. Every person who flew took home two prizes from the offering of kits, flyable airplanes, engines and accessories. Jim Corbett photo.

Oregon Flying Fun No. 2

A fine day of flying builds optimism for a great 2016 season

Feb. 6, 2016, Roseburg, Ore.

The Roseburg area control-line fliers always welcome Oregon fliers at their stop in the Oregon Flying Fun series with a lot of smiles, prizes, good food and a great flying site at Sunshine Park. The 2016 No. 2 stop in the series was no exception.

A good turnout of fliers kept two circles busy, taking advantage of good flying conditions. A little early drizzle cleared off to a day of clouds but almost no wind and reasonable -- cool but bearable -- temperatures.

The Roseburg fliers and spouses served up a delicious lunch of hot dogs and chili, and fliers took home lots of great flying raffle prizes.

Below is a gallery of photos that captures some of the action.

The third in the series of four Oregon fun flies is scheduled for 10 a.m.-3 p.m. at Bill Riegel Model Airpark at the Salem, Ore., Airport, on Saturday, March 5. See Where the Action Is for details.

Oregon Flying Fun 2 photos

Star of the show among the airplanes was Walter Hicks' Spitfire, built by Pat Johnston and finished by Walter. Flying Lines photo.

Fliers were a little rusty after a long winter; Bob Lewis' Ringmaster flew a couple of inches too low. Repairable! Flying Lines photo.

Bill Mix's Weekender also suffered some repairable damage. Jim Corbett photo.

Two more of Bob Lewis' fleet. Flying Lines photo.

A newcomer to Northwest control-line flying is Mark Schluter, who recently moved to the Roseburg area from Sacramento, Calif. Flying Lines photo.

Mike Hazel's little Akromaster, powered by an O.S. .10, turned out to be an excellent flier. Flying Lines photo.

Bill Mix builds interesting airplanes. This is his Baron Buggy. Jim Corbett photo.

Russell Shaffer holds while Walter Hicks adjusts the lines on his Northwest Sport 40 Carrier plane. Several of the carrier planes were flown for practice. Flying Lines photo.

A classic! Flying Lines photo.

We don't know what this design is called. All Dave Shrum would say is that it's an "ugly airplane." But it appeared to fly well. Flying Lines photo.

Bob Lewis launches for Dave Mitchell. Flying Lines photo.

Walter Hicks flew this Northwest Sport 40 Carrier plane built by Eric Conley. Flying Lines photo.

Russell Shaffer's Northwest Sport 40 Carrier plane has removable RC "third line" that can be switched to another plane. Flying Lines photo.

Three profiles awaiting action. From left, Russell Shaffer's Flite Streak 45, John Thompson's Ringmaster (built by Pat Johnston) and Thompson's Scrub J. Jim Corbett photo.

Lineup of some of the planes. Jim Corbett photo.

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