Odds and Ends (Alias Lines and Tubing)

By Alice Cotton-Royer

Northwest aerobatics flier and PAMPA rules chairperson Alice Cotton-Royer discusses a wide range of stunt-related matters in her Flying Lines web column.

Odds and Ends August 2008 column: AMA rules proposals

Odds and Ends Jan. 2008 column: More on diesels in stunt

Odds and Ends June 2007 column: What makes an airplane fly?

Odds and Ends April 2007 column: The legality of the A-J Firecat

Odds and Ends January 2007 column: Old-Time Stunt rules update

Odds and Ends October 2006 column: Women in the control-line model aviation hobby

Odds and Ends September 2006 column: Diesels in stunt; shutoffs for stunt engines

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