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Fun in September

By Ken Burdick

The Northwest Speed Champs

Yes Folks, it’s true.

September has some of the last of the contests but before the Northwest sogginess arrives.

By this time, most of the Combat stuff has been busted and post-Bladder Grabber letdown has set in. The Southwest pretty much has a year-round growing season for Combat and other high-performance stuff, but here in the good ol' Northwest, we are thinking about getting rained out, the World Series and football.

For the non-Stunt types, this can leave a pretty long pause in activity. What to do ……

Here is a suggestion: Try out a simple Speed event. There are two that come to mind and both are able to scratch that performance itch you have.

Northwest B Proto

A simple profile model and an LA. 25 is all that is required to be in this event. The timed course is 14 laps from the release. All of the rules are posted on Flying Lines.

Simple engine modifications ARE allowed to challenge the more experienced tinkerer. Both one-line and two-line models are allowed. This is a fun event and much has been written on Flying Lines on models and where to get parts.

Two B Proto airplanes of the popular Blondie design. Ken Burdick photo.

F2D Proto

An even simpler event that will allow ANY F2D-legal engine to be used. (F2D is the international Combat event).

The airplane is a simple profile as well with just two line allowed so the playing field is a bit more level. Once again, all the rules are on Flying Lines. No engine modifications are allowed in this one,guys, but the F2D engines are plenty fast.  The timing begins from the launch, just like B Proto; the big difference is in the number of laps. Only 8 laps for this baby and as a result, the initial speed, or “hole shot” is all important. It’s not unusual to see a 12-ounce model, so they come off launch like a bottle rocket. You can use any design, but here’s a tip. A 2x scaled up 1/2A Proto works well.

Need an engine? Put an ad in the Flying Lines Flea Market and I’ll bet you locate one the same day.

Ken Burdick's Turkey, F2D Proto airplane. Ken Burdick photo.

My latest model (shown), is loosely based on the great Dale Kirn’s model “Torky.” I have increased the wing area about 5 square inches, and incorporated a sub rudder/ tail skid, so take-offs are tight on the lines. The totally cool looking carbon fiber landing gear was made by Mike Hazel, so contact Mike and be the first on your block to own a pair. The gear is dimpled on each gear so getting the holes in exactly the same place is not an issue.

Click on the Torky plan for a full-size PDF.

You still have time to get one of these models ready so you, too, can have fun in September at the Speed Champs in Salem Oregon. See Flying Lines' Where the Action Is for details.) Between the two proto events, it’ll be like Drag City from the old days. So all you Portland guys that have built B Protos come and have it out in Salem.

-- Kennyb

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