Marshall Palmer of Medford, Ore., makes a flight in Expert Precision Aerobatics at the 2022 Fall Follies at Bill Riegel Model Air Park in Salem, Ore. Flying Lines photo.

'Early' Fall Follies basks in sunshine

Stunt, Combat and Racing keep circles busy for two days

Sept. 24-25, Bill Riegel Model Air Park, Salem, Ore.

The only complaints from the contestants at the 35th Fall Follies contest in 2022 were: "The sun was in my eyes!"

Yes, the Follies, moved up from its traditional early October dates, was one of the warmest on record. In addition to the sunshine, wind was manageable on Saturday and very light on Sunday. Contest Director Mike Hazel noted that it was the earliest we could have had the contest and still call it the Fall Follies, because the first day of autumn was the preceding Thursday.

All in all, it made for two full days of enjoyable control-line competition.

Saturday was a long day of Old-Time Stunt, Classic Stunt, Profile Stunt, round-robin 80mph Combat, Northwest Sport Race and Northwest Super Sport Race. Sunday was all Precision Aerobatics, with entries in all four PAMPA skill classes.

The host Western Oregon Control-Line Flyers club provided pizza for lunch on Saturday and the traditional Zoot barbecue on Sunday. Hazel commented that the Saturday lunch was magic — six large pizzas disappeared quickly!

CD Mike expressed thanks to the field setup crew that worked Friday to prepare the field, and to the contestants who helped break down the equipment on Sunday afternoon.

Contest staff:
Field mowing and setup: Craig Bartlett, Mark Crouse, Mike Hazel and Steve Lindstedt.
Registration: Robin Gearn, Mike Hazel and John Thompson
Weighing and pull-testing: Mike Denlis, John Thompson and Steve Lindstedt.
Tabulation: Robin Gearn
Combat Event Director: Gene Pape
Racing Event Director: Mike Hazel
Stunt Event Director: John Thompson
Sunday barbecue: Mike Hazel
Contest director: Mike Hazel

Thanks also to many others who helped out with various chores and details!

Fall Follies Results

NW Standings points in parentheses

80MPH COMBAT (4 entries) (Round robin format)
Gary Harris, Banks, Ore. — 3 wins, 0 losses (4)
2. Robert Smith, Roy, Wash. — 2-1 (3)
3. Russ Hester, Florence, Ore. — 2-1 (2)
4. Jim Schneider, Olympia, Wash. — 0-3 (1)

Gary Harris (left) and Russ Hester duel in an 80mph Combat match.
Flying Lines photo

NORTHWEST SPORT RACE (5 entries) (Round robin, heats only)
Mike Hazel, Mehama, Ore. — 4:11.97 (5)
2. Leighton Mangels, North Plains, Ore. — 4:28.03 (4)
3. John Thompson, Eugene, Ore. — 5:28.19 (3)
4. Mark Schluter, Umpqua, Ore. — 5:49.85 (2)
5. Ron Howell, Everett, Wash. — 6:12.5

NORTHWEST SUPER SPORT RACE (4 entries) (Back-to-back heats)
Leighton Mangels — 4:27.66 (4)
2. Ron Howell — 5:06 (3)
3. Mark Schluter — 5:20.93 (2)
4. Jim Schneider — 6:15.91 (1)

OLD-TIME STUNT (2 entries)
John Thompson — 293.25 (2)
2. Mike Hazel — 264.5 (1)
Judges: Dave Royer and Tim Wescott

CLASSIC STUNT (5 entries)
Jerry Eichten, Newberg, Ore. — 510.5 (5)
2. John Leidle, Kirkland, Wash. — 489 (4)
3. John Thompson — 483 (3)
4. Mark Schluter — 461.5 (2)
5. Jim Schneider — 184.5
Judges: Dave Royer and Tim Wescott

1. Mark Schluter — 473.5 (3)
2. Rod Claus, Kent, Wash. — 441.5 (2)
3. Randy Ling, Kent, Wash. — 406.5 (1)
Judges: John Leidle and Tim Wescott

Fred Underwood, West Linn, Ore. — 529 (3)
2. Jerry Eichten — 510 (2)
3. John Thompson — 462.5 (1)
Judges: John Leidle and Tim Wescott

Jim McCartney, Lake Tapps, Wash. — 253.5 (1)
Judges: Mark Schluter and John Thompson

1. Chuck Jenks, Eagle Point, Ore. — 456.5 (5)
2. Jess Walls, Medford, Ore. — 454.5 (4)
3. Randy Ling — 454 (3)
4. Jim Schneider — Attempt (2)
Judges: Mark Schluter and John Thompson

Mark Schluter — 465.5 (7)
2. Rod Claus — 443 (6)
Judges: Jerry Eichten and Mike Haverly

Paul Walker, Deer Park, Wash. — 585.5 (14)
2. Howard Rush, Olympia, Wash. — 583.5 (13)
3. Fred Underwood — 542 (12)
4. Marshall Palmer, Medford, Ore. — 534.5 (11)
5. Mike Haverly, Auburn, Wash. — 525
6. John Leidle — 519.5
7. John Thompson — 493
Judges: Jerry Eichten and Tim Wescott

Results of this contest are included in the Northwest Control-Line Competition Standings.

Combat Director's report

By Gene Pape

Combat Judges Gene Pape (center) and Dave La Fever watch as Robert Smith prepares to launch Russ Hester's plane during the round-robin 80mph competition. Flying Lines photo.

What a perfect day for Combat! First I have to thank Dave LaFever for judging for the entire event and making sure I didn't make the mistakes I always make when trying to be a judge rather than be the event director.

Since we were flying "Round Robin" rather than elimination format we let Jim Schneider fly all of his matches first so he could go off and focus on Stunt and Racing while the other contestants finished flying this event.

Gary Harris has been missing from actively flying Combat for several years but thankfully has kept in touch by running the Combat events for us at the Jim Walker event in Portland for us every year. Gary came back with a vengeance, winning every match for first place. Robert Smith, Russ Hester, and Jim Shneider followed placing in that order.

With only four contestant there were only six matches to decide the winners so the pace was leisurely and everyone helped everyone else as it requires a pilot and a pit person to fly a match. We even had to recuit Leighton Mangels to help us pit as Jim Schneider had gone away to fly Stunt. We finished just before noon in plenty of time to enjoy the pizza lunch provided by the contest management.

Stunt event director's report

By John Thompson

Planes were lined up in the pit area on Sunday as Precision Aerobatics took place in perfect flying weather. Flying Lines photo.

The eight Aerobatics events ran smoothly through two days of good weather. It was a bit windy at times on Saturday but not so much as to hamper the flying; Sunday's "Stunt air" was fabulous, leading to some inspiring flights.

Participation was good in most events, though the Old-Time Stunt entry was disappointing. It was encouraging to see entries in both Beginner and Intermediate, which means that we have some up-and-coming fliers. If fact, the Intermediate class was a hard-fought battle among three new Stunt fliers, with the top three separated by a mere 2.5 points!

Paul Walker edged out U.S. World Championship team member Howard Rush by two points to win Expert Precision Aerobatics, with seven entries in the field.

Fall Follies photo gallery

Saturday entrants gather for the Stunt pilots' meeting conducted by John Thompson (plaid shirt) as Tabulator Robin Gearn gets scoresheets ready. Steve Lindstedt photo.

Combat winner Gary Harris heads to his handle as Leighton Mangels gets ready to launch. Flying Lines photo.

The plane is up and the match is on! Flying Lines photo.

Mark Schluter carries Jerry Eichten's Oriental off the circle after a Classic Stunt flight. Flying Lines photo.

Classic Stunt judges Tim Wescott (left) and Dave Royer watch a flight. Flying Lines photo.

Howard Rush at the handle during a Precision Aerobatics flight. Flying Lines photo.

Howard Rush's Impact in its overhead eight. Flying Lines photo.

Expert Precision Aerobatics judges Jerry Eichten (left) and Tim Wescott. Flying Lines photo.

Marshall Palmer's Skipjack in an Expert Precision Aerobatics flight. Flying Lines photo.

Top competitors Howard Rush (right) and Paul Walker discuss Aerobatics as in the background Jim McCartney watches Jim Schneider make repairs. Flying Lines photo.

Robin Gearn commands the registration and tabulation table as Pit Boss/Weighmaster Mike Denlis relaxes in the shade. Flying Lines photo.

Fred Underwood's Genesis 2 makes a Profile Stunt flight. Flying Lines photo.

Fred Underwood at the handle. Flying Lines photo.

Saturday pits with a scattering of Profile, Classic and Old-Time stunt planes. Flying Lines photo.

Lynette (right) and John Lickley discuss Classic Stunt with Jerry Eichten as Jerry services his Oriental. Flying Lines photo.

Paul Walker's Impact was the winning plane in Expert Precision Aerobatics Flying Lines photo.

Two Expert Precision Aerobatics planes. Left: John Leidle's Jack of Hearts. Right: Mike Haverly's Fait Accompli. Flying Lines photos.

Two Precision Aerobatics planes. Left: Marshall Palmer's Skipjack, flown in Expert. Right: Rod Claus's SV-11, flown in Advanced. Flying Lines photos.

Two from Mark Schluter's fleet. At left, his Magician, flown in Classic Stunt; at right, his modified Twister, used in Profile Stunt and Advanced PA. Flying Lines photo.

Two from the motley Flying Lines fleet. At left, John Thompson's Crossfire for Precision Aerobatics; at right, the Gypsy for Classic Stunt. Steve Lindstedt photos.

Left: Jerry Eichten's Oriental for Classic Stunt. Right: John Thompson's Scrub J for Profile Stunt. Steve Lindstedt photos.

Left: Mike Hazel's Ringmaster, flown in Old-Time Stunt. Steve Lindstedt photo. Right: Jim McCartney's Oriental Plus, built by Mike Haverly, flown in Beginner Stunt. Flying Lines photo.

Left: Gary Harris' winning Combat plane. Right: Two of Jim Schneider's Combat planes. Steve Lindstedt photo.

Two Racing planes. Left: Mike Hazel's Northwest Sport Race Artesian. Right: Jim Schneider's Ringmaster for Northwest Super Sport. Steve Lindstedt photos.

Two more racers. Left: Leighton Mangels' K&B .40-powered Northwest Super Sport. Right: John Thompson's ASP .25-powered Super Clown for Northwest Sport Race. Steve Lindstedt photos.

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