The 2021 Fall Follies featured three days of action, including this nearly simultaneous launch of two 1/2-A Combat planes. On the left, Russ Hester releases Gene Pape's Sonic Chicken, while at right Robert Smith launches for Buzz Wilson. In the background are judges Dave La Fever (left) and Gary Weems. Flying Lines photo.

CL Competition returns to Oregon after pandemic hiatus

Expanded Fall Follies keeps two circles busy for three full days

Oct. 1-2-3, Bill Riegel Model Airpark, Salem, Ore.

Control-line fliers rolled out their lines and tested their skills against one another in Oregon for the first time in approximately 670 days of contest postponements and cancellations. The 34th Fall Follies was a glorious return to competition: Nice weather, a good turnout of fliers and an expanded schedule of events made for a delightful resumption of the sport.

Competition started on Friday with Navy Carrier and Racing events. Stunt and Combat filled the day on Saturday. On Sunday, it was Precision Aerobatics and more Carrier.

It was interesting to note that this was the first time in memory that every single plane used in Advanced and Expert Precision Aerobatics was electric-powered. Another highlight was the lineup of planes in the Navy Carrier pits, said to be a bigger lineup than seen at this year's U.S. Nationals.

And, during all three days, flights were made in the global Ringmaster fly-a-thon. In Salem, 10 fliers put up a total of 41 flights. A separate article will be posted shortly on Ringmaster flying throughout the Northwest.

Following is a summary of the Ringmaster pilots and planes and flights. These flights will be added to the worldwide event tally. Flier's name is followed by the number of flights and the Ringmaster variant in parentheses.By the way, “S-1” is the original design with a 42 inch wingspan.

  • Steve Ashmore, 5 flights (Pat Johnston 576)
  • Mike Hazel, 8 (S-1 modified for Super Sport Race)
  • Bob Lewis, 2 (S-1)
  • Bill Mix, 3 (Baby)
  • Chris Nicholls, 5 (Baby)
  • Gene Pape, 8 (S-1)
  • Mark Schluter, 7 (S-1)
  • Jim Schneider, 1 (Giant 777)
  • Dave Shrum, 1 (S-1)
  • John Thompson, 1 (Super)

The host Western Oregon Control-Line Flyers club provided pizza for lunch on Saturday and the traditional Zoot barbecue on Sunday.

Contest staff:
Field mowing and setup: Craig Bartlett, Mike Hazel, Steve Lindstedt and the Lickley family.
Registration: Mike Hazel, John Thompson and Barbara White
Weighing and pull-testing: Mike Denlis
Tabulation: Barbara White
Carrier Event Director: Mike Hazel
Combat Event Director: Gene Pape
Racing Event Director: Doug Powers
Stunt Event Director: John Thompson
Ringmaster flight coordinator: John Thompson
Sunday barbecue: Mike Hazel
Contest director: Mike Hazel

Thanks also to many others who helped out with various chores and details!

Fall Follies Results

NW Standings points in parentheses

1/2-A COMBAT (5 entries)
1. Robert Smith, Roy, Wash. (5)
2. Buzz Wilson, Belfair, Wash. (4)
3. Gene Pape, Eugene, Ore. (3)
4. Mike Hazel, Mehama, Ore. (1)
Russ Hester, Florence, Ore. (1)

80MPH COMBAT (5 entries)
Robert Smith (5)
2. Jim Schneider, Olympia, Wash. (4)
3. Buzz Wilson (3)
4. Russ Hester (2)
5. Gene Pape

1. Mike Potter, Auburn, Wash. -- 205.82 points (5)
2. Mike Hazel -- 182.8 (4)
3. Jim McCartney, Lake Tapps, Wash. -- 182.37 (3)
4. Kris Millard, Puyallup, Wash. -- 86.57 (2)
5. John Lickley, Redmond, Ore. -- Attempt

1. Jim Schneider -- 292.16 (5)
2. Mike Hazel -- 187.86 (4)
3. Mike Potter -- 135.36 (3)
4. Mark Schluter, Umpqua, Ore. -- 123.55 (2)
5. Jim McCartney attempt
6. Kris Millard -- DNF

1. Jim Schneider, Class II -- 367.47 (2)
2. Jim Schneider, Class I -- 85.92 (1)
3. Mike Hazel -- DNF

Gene Pape (left) and Buzz Wilson duel in a 1/2-A Combat match. Flying Lines photo

Mike Hazel -- 9:29 (5)
2. John Thompson, Eugene, Ore. -- 132 laps (4)
3. Mark Schluter -- 5:15 heat (3)
4. Gary Harris, Banks, Ore. -- 5:36 heat (2)
5. Gene Pape -- 5:39 heat

Mike Hazel -- 9:01 (4)
2. Mark Schluter -- 11:45 (3)
3. Gene Pape -- 8:32 heat (2)
4. Pat Chewning, Beaverton, Ore. -- DQ heat, 44-lap heat (1)

CLASSIC STUNT (4 entries)
Mike Haverly, Auburn, Wash. -- 533 (4)
2. John Thompson -- 482.5 (3)
3. Mark Schluter -- 477 (2)
4. Jim Schneider -- 441 (1)
Judges: Jerry Eichten and Tim Wescott

OLD-TIME STUNT (2 entries)
Bob Welch, Federal Way, Wash. -- 282 (2)
2. John Thompson -- 266.5 (1)
Judges: Mike Haverly and Jerry Eichten

1. Mark Schluter -- 478.5 (2)
2. Jim Schneider -- 269.5 (1)
Judges: John Thompson and Tim Wescott

Jerry Eichten, Newberg, Ore. -- 551.5 (6)
2. Fred Underwood, West Linn, Ore. -- 549.5 (5)
3. Mike Haverly -- 537.5 (4)
4. Bob Welch -- 523.5 (3)
Judges: John Thompson and Tim Wescott

Jim McCartney -- 228 (2)
2. Lynette Lickley, Redmond, Ore. -- 75 (1)
Judges: Mike Haverly and Howard Rush

1. Jim Schneider -- 82.5 (3)
Judges: Mike Haverly and Howard Rush

Mark Schluter -- 480 (5)
2. John Thompson -- 479 (4)
Judges: Mike Haverly and Tim Wescott

Howard Rush, Olympia, Wash. -- 608.5 (13)
2. Fred Underwood -- 588.5 (12)
3. Tim Just, Victorville, Calif. -- 571
4. Bob Welch -- 558.5 (10)
5. Mike Haverly -- 557
6. Tim Wescott, Oregon City, Ore. -- 538.5
7. Mark Scarborough, Pullman, Wash. -- 530
Judges: Mark Schluter and John Thompson

Results of this contest are included in the Northwest Control-Line Competition Standings.

Fall Follies photo gallery

A new plane on the Precision Aerobatics circle was Bob Welch's electric Chimpact, a variant of the Paul Walker Impact design with marking inspired by Mark Meredith's full-scale Chipmunk. Flying Lines photo.

A Navy Carrier plane makes a slow pass by the deck. Flying Lines photo.

Pilot Mike Hazel guides Gene Pape's Northwest Sport Race plane into the air as the other pilot, Pat Chewning, awaits launch. Gene (left) also used the plane in Northwest Super Sport Race, racking up a lot of Ringmaster fly-a-thon flights in the process. Flying Lines photo.

Bob Lewis' Ringmaster makes a fly-a-thon flight on Sunday. Flying Lines photo.

Behind the scenes workers make the contest happen: Seated is Mike Denlis, Stunt weighmaster and pull-tester. At the table is Tabulator Barbara White. Flying Lines photo.

Mike Haverly's O'Toole Tucker, flown in Classic Stunt. Steve Lindstedt photo.

Tim Just's Delroy, flown in Expert Precision Aerobatics. Flying Lines photo.

Combat officials between matches. From left: Event Director Gene Pape and judges Dave La Fever and Gary Weems. Flying Lines photo.

Mark Schluter's Crusader, flown in Profile Navy Carrier. Flying Lines photo.

Mike Haverly's Kaizen, flown in both Expert Profile Stunt and Expert Precision Aerobatics. Flying Lines photo.

Lots of yellow in the Stunt pits. From right: Bob Welch/s Buccaneer, Welch's Barnstormer, Mike Haverly's Tucker, and a gold electric large Ringmaster. Flying Lines photo.

Nitroholics Racing Team in action. Mike Hazel refuels his Northwest Sport Race plane, an Artesian, while pilot John Thompson waits for launch. Steve Lindstedt photo.

Pat Chewning's Northwest Super Sport plane, a Super Fly. Steve Lindstedt photo.

John Thompson's 21-year-old Northwest Sport Race plane, a Super Clown. Steve Lindstedt photo.

Bob Welch's Barnstormer, winning plane in Old-Time Stunt. Steve Lindstedt photo.

Jim Schneider flew this Sig Fazer in Profile Stunt. Steve Lindstedt photo.

It happens. Buzz Wilson (left) and Jim Schneider untangle the wreckage of their 80mph Combat planes after a collision. Steve Lindstedt photo.

Jim McCartney's Yak-9 for Northwest Sport 40 Carrier. Steve Lindstedt photo.

Jim McCartney's Tigercat, used in Profile Carrier. Steve Lindstedt photo.

Another Northwest Sport 40 Carrier plane. (Can anyone supply the owner's name?) Steve Lindstedt photo.

Another nice-looking Profile Carrier plane. Steve Lindstedt.

Mike Potter's Mauler for Class I Carrier. Steve Lindstedt photo.

Mike Hazel's F-51 for Northwest Sport 40 Carrier. Steve Lindstedt photo.

Two MO-1 Navy Carrier planes. On the left, a Class I, on the right a Profile. Flying Lines photo.

Northwest Sport Race pilots at work: Pat Chewning at left and Mike Hazel. Flying Lines photo.

Robert Smith (left) receives congratulations from Russ Hester after sweeping the Combat events. Flying Lines photo.

1/2-A Combat action! Flying Lines photo.

Robert Smith's Maywald-built Allenplane tows its streamer in the 80mph Combat final. Flying Lines photo.

Mark Schluter's electric-powered Vector 40, winner in Advanced Precision Aerobatics. Flying Lines photo.

Mark Scarborough flew this Impact, built by Paul Walker, in Expert Precision Aerobatics. Flying Lines photo.

Another Walker plane appeared in Expert PA, this one flown by Tim Wescott. Flying Lines photo.

Lynette Lickley flew this profile Shark in Beginner Precision Aerobatics. Flying Lines photo.

Jim Schneider used this ARF Vector 40 in Intermediate Precision Aerobatics. Flying Lines photo.

Yes, it's still flying 45 years after it was built: Mike Hazel's Cro Magnon Air Force makes a flight in Profile Carrier. Flying Lines photo.

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