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Combat's first 20 years

Combat veteran Neil Simpson has embarked on ambitious product to document the first 20 years of control-line combat history. His introduction to the series is at the bottom of the page. Individual articles on the various topics are being added gradually.

By Neil Simpson

New! New: 27th installment: The Rudner family

26th installment: Combat photo scrapbook Vol. 1

New! 25th installment: Bob Nelson

24th installment: Year 1961

23rd installment: Doc Passen

22nd installment: Year 1960

21st installment: Burton Goldsmith

20th installment: Year 1959

19th installment: Gary Frost

18th installment: The years 1957 and 1958

17th installment: The year 1956

16th installment: Bill Tucker

15th installment: The Transition Years

14th installment: Barry Baxter

13th installment: Carl Berryman

12th installment: Don Boleski

11th installment: Riley Wooten

Tenth installment: Simpson family Combat heritage

Ninth installment: Larry Scarinzi

Eighth installment: John Wright

Seventh installment: Bill Netzeband

Sixth installment: Frank Pisz

Fifth installment: The Broadway Bod Busters

Fourth installment: Tom Schaefer

Third installment: Jim Ribar

Second installment: Rich Lopez biography

First installment: The Early Years (1950, 1951 and 1952)

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