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Combat's first 20 years

Combat veteran Neil Simpson has embarked on ambitious product to document the first 20 years of control-line combat history. His introduction to the series is at the bottom of the page. Individual articles on the various topics are being added gradually.

By Neil Simpson

New! 30th installment: Combat photo scrapbook Vol. 2

29th installment: Don Boleski

28th installment: The Woodchopper story

27th installment: The Rudner family

26th installment: Combat photo scrapbook Vol. 1

New! 25th installment: Bob Nelson

24th installment: Year 1961

23rd installment: Doc Passen

22nd installment: Year 1960

21st installment: Burton Goldsmith

20th installment: Year 1959

19th installment: Gary Frost

18th installment: The years 1957 and 1958

17th installment: The year 1956

16th installment: Bill Tucker

15th installment: The Transition Years

14th installment: Barry Baxter

13th installment: Carl Berryman

12th installment: Don Boleski

11th installment: Riley Wooten

Tenth installment: Simpson family Combat heritage

Ninth installment: Larry Scarinzi

Eighth installment: John Wright

Seventh installment: Bill Netzeband

Sixth installment: Frank Pisz

Fifth installment: The Broadway Bod Busters

Fourth installment: Tom Schaefer

Third installment: Jim Ribar

Second installment: Rich Lopez biography

First installment: The Early Years (1950, 1951 and 1952)

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