Howard Rush flies his electric Impact in Expert Precision Aerobatics under perfectly blue sky at the 2012 Fall Follies. In the background, judges Bruce Hunt (left) and Don McClave watch the flight as preparations for the traditional barbecue go on behind them. Flying Lines photo.

Fall Follies bask in 80-degree sunshine

Oct. 6-7, 2012, Bill Riegel Field, Salem, Ore.

The incredible long Oregon summer continued right through the Fall Follies, the traditional Stunt season finale, as blue skies, temperatures around 80-degrees and for the most part reasonably light winds greeted the 20 competitors. Classic, Old-Time and Profile Stunt were the Saturday events and the four classes of PAMPA Precision Aerobatics -- and the traditional barbecue hosted by Contest Director Mike Hazel -- were on Sunday.

There was quite a bit of spectator interest in the contest, which was held at Bill Riegel Model Airpark at the Salem Airport, which is right near the intersection of a couple of fairly busy streets.

A total of 63 official flights were made over the two days, plus an unknown number of practice flights that began on Thursday or Friday.

Paul Walker repeated as Expert Precision Aerobatics winner. Mark Scarborough convincingly captured the Advanced trophy, Rex Abbot was the Intermediate winner and Mark Winz the top beginner. In Saturday events, John Leidle topped Classic Stunt, Dave Royer Nostalgia 30 and Dave Royer won Old-Time. Bruce Hunt was the Expert Profile winner and Tom Strom captured Sportsman Profile.

The Follies is also the place where the annual Vintage Stunt Trophy race is settled. The trophy, sponsored by Don McClave, is awarded to the top scorer in the Flying Lines Northwest standings in combined Old-Time and Classic Stunt. This year's trophy points race ended in a tie, with John Thompson catching up with Alan Resinger on the final day of competition. Alan scored all his 21 points in Classic Stunt; John flew in both Classic and Old-Time. Trophy sponsor Don McClave generously decided to provide a second trophy so that both John and Alan would receive the award. Previous winners have been Bruce Hunt (2006, 2008, 2009, 2010), Scott Riese (2005) and Pat Johnston (2007) and Pete Peterson (2011).

Contest staff:
Field mowing: Mike Hazel
Field setup: Mike Hazel
Registration: Mike Hazel and Barbara White
Pull-testing: Rex Abbott, Mark Scarborough and Mike Hazel
Tabulation: Barbara White
Sunday barbecue: Mike Hazel
Contest Director: Mike Hazel
Thanks also to many others who helped out with various chores and details!
Sponsor: Western Oregon Control-Line Flyers

Fall Follies Results

NW Standings points in parentheses

CLASSIC STUNT (3 entries)
John Leidle, Kirkland, Wash., 514.5 (3)
2. John Thompson, Eugene, Ore., 494.5 (2)
3. Mark Scarborough, Pullman, Wash., 493 (1)
Judges: Leo Mehl and Don McClave

NOSTALGIA 30 STUNT (1 entry)
Dave Royer, Portland, Ore., 493.5 (1)
Judges: Leo Mehl and Don McClave

OLD-TIME STUNT (5 entries)
Dave Royer, 302.5 (5)
2. Roy DeCamara, Vancouver, Wash., 298.75 (4)
3. John Thompson, 257.5 (3)
4. Tom Strom, Olympia, Wash., 238.5 (2)
5. Rex Abbott, Sequim, Wash. 229.75
Judges: Leo Mehl and Don McClave

Tom Strom, 473 (4)
2. Mark Scarborough (3)
3. Rex Abbott, 419.5 (2)
4. Richard Entwhistle, Scappoose, Ore., 137 (1)
Judges: Steve Helmick and Dave Royer

Bruce Hunt, Lake Stevens, Wash., 491.5 (2)
2. John Thompson, 465.5 (1)
Judges: Steve Helmick and Dave Royer

Mark Winz, Edgewood, Wash., 243.5 (2)
2. Dave Denison, Keizer, Ore., 220.5 (1)
Judges: Bruce Hunt and Dave Royer

Rex Abbott, 475 (3)
2. Tim Wescott, Oregon City, Ore., 446.5 (2)
3. Mike Denlis, Springfield, Ore., 434.5 (1)
Judges: Bruce Hunt and Dave Royer

Mark Scarborough, 520 (4)
2. Tom Strom, 480 (3)
3. Richard Entwhistle, 474.5 (2)
4. Mike Hazel, Mehama, Ore., 472 (1)
Judges: Bruce Hunt and Dave Royer

Paul Walker, Deer Park, Wash, 618 (12)
2. Chris Cox, Delta, B.C., 606.5 (10.5)
3. Howard Rush, Bellevue, Wash., 596.5 (9)
4. John Leidle, 530.5 (7.5)
5. Mike Haverly, Auburn, Wash., 522.5
6. Keith Varley, Vancouver, B.C., 503
7. John Thompson, 497.5
8. Steve Helmick, 489.5
Judges: Bruce Hunt and Don McClave

Results of this contest are included in the Northwest Control-Line Competition Standings.

Fall Follies photo gallery

Mike Denlis at the handle with the Western Oregon Control-Line Flyers storage building, the Bill Riegel Model Airpark sign and the scoreboard in the background. Flying Lines photo.

The Precision Aerobatics flight line on Sunday. Flying Lines photo.

Chris Cox heads for the handle as Joan Cox stands by the plane (electric motor on start timer), and judges Bruce Hunt (left) and Don McClave wait for launch. Flying Lines photo.

Tom Strom, new to Stunt this year and doing very well in the Intermediate class, services his electric Vector 40. Rex Abbott photo.

Another stunt flier this year, Mark Winz, puts in a Beginner Precision Aerobatics flight with his Pathfinder. Rex Abbott photo.

John Leidle works on his Spacehound. Rex Abbott photo.

Judges Bruce Hunt (left) and Don McClave watch Steve Helmick make a flight in Expert Precision Aerobatics Rex Abbott photo.

Chef Mike Hazel flips burgers. Rex Abbott photo.

Mike Haverly's electic Sultan casts a shadow. Rex Abbott photo.

Paul Walker puts in the winning flight in Expert Precision Aerobatics. Rex Abbott photo.

Dave Royer flew this Warrior in Nostalgia 30 Stunt. Flying Lines photo.

Roy DeCamara's Humongous for Old-Time Stunt. Flying Lines photo.

The last flight of Mark Scarborough's electric profile stunter. Flying Lines photo.

Mark Scarborough heads to the site of the crash of his electric profile after a Saturday afternoon blew it out of a maneuver. The model left a fairly big debris field. Flying Lines photo.

With temperature around 80, the shade on the south side of the circle was a popular spot for watching the flights. Flying Lines photo.

Steve Helmick's Eagle. Flying Lines photo.

Mike Haverly's electric Sultan. Flying Lines photo.

Howard Rush's electric Impact. Flying Lines photo.

Chris Cox's electric Crossfire. Flying Lines photos.

Keith Varley's electric Sultan. Flying Lines photo.

Tom Strom's electric Vector 40. Flying Lines photo.

Dave Denison's electric Cardinal. Flying Lines photo.

Mark Winz' Pathfinder. Flying Lines photo.

Mike Hazel's Cardinal. Flying Lines photo.

Mark Scarborough's Avenger. Flying Lines photo.

Richard Entwhistle (left) and Tim Wescott. Flying Lines photo.

Mike Haverly (left) and Mark Scarborough. Flying Lines photo.

Chris and Joan Cox. Flying Lines photo.

Tom Strom (left) and Mark Winz; others unidentified. Flying Lines photo.

Gerald Schamp (left) and Dave Royer. Flying Lines photo.

Judges do appearance evaluation of Paul Walker's Impact as Paul (left) and Chris Cox (center) look on and Doug Knoyle gets a picture. Flying Lines photo.

A closer look at Walker's Impact, on the circle. Flying Lines photo.

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