Marty Higgs' monoline stunter. Marty Higgs photo

Stunt on one line?

Yes, it can be done.

Marty Higgs of Vancouver, B.C., scratch-built this Cox-powered plane (above) that suggests a miniature nobler. It's controlled by a Stanzel 1/2A Stuntmaster control unit and flies on a single .016"x50' wire. The handle is a vintage Victor Stanzel Torpedo unit.

Chris "Partner" Sackett of Vancouver, B.C., (above) works with his monoline stunter that is powered by a "Partnerized" OS LA .25 engine and uses a Victor Stanzel Stuntmaster control unit. The wire is .026"x65' and the handle is a modified Speedmaster.

Below are pictures of Marty Higgs' profile Shoestring with monoline controls, awaiting finishing.

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