The 2009 Northwest Control-Line Regionals

There was every kind of CL plane and every kind of flying at the 2009 Northwest Regionals. At left, planes wait in the Profile Stunt pit area. Bruce Hunt photo. At right, Navy Carrier event director Mike Potter judges while Eric Conley flies his MO-1 carrier plane. Flying Lines photo.

Regionals No. 38

The 2009 Northwest Regionals was one of the best ever, with sunshine, mild temperatures, a good turnout, news coverage and lots and lots of excellent flying. World champions on hand, national records set ... what else can you say? Thirty-eight was great! The contest even ended ahead of schedule, allowing contestants to get on the road home and workers to clean up the site in a reasonable time.

Best attendance was in aerobatics, with strong numbers also in speed and combat, though turnout was disappointing in scale, racing and Navy Carrier.

Field setup work began under the direction of Eugene Prop Spinners President Mike Denlis on Thursday at noon. Post-contest teardown was done by about 6 p.m., again under Mike's direction. Mike organized a large crew of workers that got things done on a timely basis. Thanks to Prop Spinners Jim Corbett, Gene Pape, Floyd Carter, Mike Massey, Tom Kopriva, as well as a number of others who pitched in.

The complex job of registration was directed by Kathy Thompson with help from Barbara White, Earline Kopriva and Mike Denlis. Excellent T-shirts designed by Guy Laine were seen everywhere on the site.

Photo: A 1/2-A Combat plane in flight. Flying Lines photo.

Event directors were:
Aerobatics: Scott Riese
Combat: Gene Pape and Jeff Rein
Navy Carrier: Mike Potter
Racing: John Thompson
Scale: Pat Johnston/Mark Scarborough
Speed: Mike Hazel

Thanks are due to numerous trophy sponsors as well as to prize donor/sponsors. Donating or sponsoring prizes were Eugene Toy & Hobby, Brodak Manufacturing, Gerald Schamp, John Leidle and Mike Hazel. Trophy sponsors were Howard Rush, Mike MacCarthy, Broadway Bod Busters, Jerry Rocha, Arnold Nelson, Eric Conley, Dave & Angela Gardner, Dave Miller, Process Engineering Co., Ann Ryan, Mark Scarborough and Wayne Spears.

There were no major problems encountered during the three days of control-line flying action. Very few crashes, no serious injuries, no protests, no complaints that we know of, and lots of good fellowship.

Also elsewhere on the Flying Lines web site: updated Northwest standings, Northwest records and Regionals records.

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Phil Granderson's Zealot, powered by O.S. .40VF, was the Concours d'Elegance winner. This is Phil's third straight Concours win at the Regionals. Flying Lines photo.

2009 Northwest Control Line Regionals Results

May 22-23-24, Eugene, Ore.
Total individual contestants: 78
Event entries: 195

Combat Champion: Jeff Rein
Navy Carrier Champion: Burt Brokaw
Racing Champion: Paul Gibeault
Scale Champion:
Mike Potter
Speed Champion: Jerry Rocha
Stunt Champion: Bob Duncan
Precision Aerobatics Concours 'd Elegance: Phil Granderson (Zealot)


(Number of entries after event name)
(Northwest Standings points in parenthesis after score)

Combat: Event directors Gene Pape, Jeff Rein

Jeff Rein, Covington, Wash., 5-1-1 (10)
2. Robert Smith, Roy, Wash., 4-2 (9)
3. Lee Letchworth, Rodeo, Calif. 5-1
4. Mel Lyne, Garibaldi Highlands, B.C., 4-2 (7)
5. Edmond Bridant, Santa Rosa, Calif.
Buzz Wilson, Belfair, Wash.
Jim Green, Bellevue, Wash.
Mike Hazel, Mehama, Ore.
Don McKay, Redmond, Wash.
Ken Burdick, Kent, Wash.

Photo: Jeff Rein launches a 1/2-A Combat plane. Flying Lines photo.

80-MPH COMBAT (11)
Jeff Rein, 5-1 (11)
2. Mel Lyne, 4-2 (10)
3. Robert Smith, 3-2, (9)
4. Mark Hansen, Portland, Ore., 3-2, (8)
5. Don McKay, 2-2
6. Gary Harris, Banks, Ore., 1-2
Buzz Wilson, 1-2
Jim Green, 1-1
9. Edmond Bridant, 0-2
Ken Burdick. 0-2
Lee Letchworth, 0-2

Jeff Rein, 5-0 (8)
2. Don McKay, 3-2 (7)
3. Robert Smith, 3-2 (6)
4. Lee Letchworth, 2-3
5. Buzz Wilson, 1-2
Jim Green, 1-2
7. Edmond Bridant, 0-2
Mark Hansen, 0-2

Navy Carrier: Event Director Mike Potter

Burt Brokaw, Tucson, Ariz.. 453.83 (Regionals record, eclipsing 2007 record of Eric Conley, 436.29)
2. Eric Conley, Gardnerville, Nev., 205

Eric Conley, 429
2. Mike Potter, Auburn, Wash., 354.05 (2) (Northwest record, eclipsing 1987 record of Orin Humphries, 330.25)
3. Burt Brokaw, 203.6

Burt Brokaw, 369.18
2. Eric Conley, 360.6
3. Mike Potter, 239.18 (2)
4. Mike Conner, Maple Ridge, B.C., 239.18 (1)

Photo: A Profile Carrier plane hits the deck. Jim Corbett photo.

Burt Brokaw, 266.2 (Regionals record, eclipsing 2008 record of Eric Conley, 262)
2. Eric Conley, 263.1
3. Mike Conner, 180.5 (1)

Burt Brokaw

Burt Brokaw, 290.9
2. Mike Conner, 233.5 (4)
3. Rich Salter, Seattle, Wash., 229.4 (3)
4. Mike Potter, 220.2 (2)
5. Dick Salter, Tenino, Wash., 191.34

Racing: Event Director John Thompson

Paul Gibeault, Edmonton, Alberta, 5:23.66
2. Bruce Duncan, Langley, B.C., 5 laps (1)

Doug Haas, Lodi, Calif, 276 laps
2. S&S Racing Team, Tenino, Wash., 219 (2)
3. Allen Hoffman, Paradise, Calif., 98

Burt Brokaw, 8:54.26
2. Paul Gibeault, 9:10.18
3. Mark Scarborough, Pullman, Wash., 106 laps (4)
4. Brad Anderson, Salt Lake City, Utah, 5:31.17 heat
5. Bruce Duncan, 7:04.64 heat
6. Robert Ladd, Milwaukie, Ore., 54 laps

Photo: Northwest Sport Race action; Paul Gibeault at left readies for takeoff as Mark Scarborough (center) and Brad Anderson pilot. Bruce Hunt photo.

Nitroholics Racing Team, Salem/Eugene, Ore., 7:23 (2)
2. Paul Gibeault, 0 laps.
3. S&S Racing Team, DNS, fire in pits.


Scale: Event Directors Pat Johnston and Mark Scarborough


No entries

Mike Potter, 78 (1)

Mike Potter, 127 (1)

Speed: Event Director Mike Hazel


1/2-A SPEED (3)
Jerry Rocha, Napa, Calif., 133.09 mph
2. Paul Gibeault, 78.47
3. Dick Salter, 61 (1)

Jerry Rocha, 101.54 mph
2. Carl Caldwell, Sparks, Nev., 92.43
3. Jeff Rein, 85.23 (7)
4. New Math Team, Las Vegas, Nev., 84.35
5. Doug Haas, 78.86
6. Buzz Wilson, attempt
Don McKay, attempt
Jim Rhoades, Salt Lake City, Utah, attempt

New Math Team, 184.88 mph
2. Jim Rhoades, 184.3
3. JerryRocha, 175.74
4. Brad Anderson, 169.05
5. Scott Newkirk, Kent, Wash., attempt

New Math Team, 149.44 mph

Photo: Joey Mathison of the New Math Team does the speed pylon dance. Flying Lines photo.

New Math Team, 186.39 mph (Regionals record, eclipsing 2000 record of Ron Salo, 171.85)
2. Ted Gritzmacher, Battle Ground, Wash., 169.42 (3)
3. Frank Hunt, Merced, Calif., 168.79
4. Louie-Louie Team, Kent, Wash./Salem, Ore., 135.74 (1)

Jim Rhoades, 176.14 (Regionals record, eclipsing 2003 record of Loren Howard, 168.62)
2. Dick Salter, 143.94 (3)
3. Guy Laine, Central Point, Ore., attempt (1)
New Math Team, attempt

Paul Gibeault, 155.51 mph
2. Guy Laine, 147.84 (3)
3. Rich Salter, attempt (1)
Ted Gritzmacher, attempt (1)

Paul Gibeault, 164.49 mph
2. Jim Rhoades, 158.88
3. Brad Anderson, attempt
Frank Hunt, attempt
New Math Team, attempt

Jerry Rocha, 155.11 mph
2. Arnold Nelson, Napa, Calif., 151.16
3. Brad Anderson, 149.4
4. Loren Howard, Ariel, Wash., 145.38 (6)
5. Scott Jackson, Lincoln, Calif., 143.98
6. Scott Newkirk, 142.42
7. New Math Team, 142.16
8. Ken Burdick, 136.34
9. Rich Salter, attempt

Jerry Rocha, 144.99 points, 142.99 mph (National record. North American Speed Society record, eclipsing 2005 record of Glenn Lee, 139.69. Regionals record, eclipsing 1997 record of Chris Sackett, 133.30)
2. Jim Rhoades, 113.54 points, 110.54 mph
3. Karl Caldwell, 1 point

Rich Salter, 137.17 mph (4)
2. Loren Howard, 131.66 (3)
3. Dick Salter, 121.09 (2)
4. Jim Rhoades, attempt

Don McKay, 93.02 mph (5)
2. Ken Burdick, 92.75 (4)
3. Buzz Wilson, 92.48 (3)
4. Rich Salter, 89.13 (2)
5. Jeff Rein, 88.09

Stunt: Event Director Scott Riese

David Fitzgerald, Napa, Calif., 568
2. Paul Walker, Kent, Wash., 567 (27)
3. Brett Buck, Sunnyvale, Calif., 563
4. Howard Rush, Bellevue, Wash., 559 (24)
5. Ted Fancher, Foster City, Calif., 551
6. Bruce Perry, Edmonton, Alberta, 538.5
7. Chris Cox, Delta, B.C., 532.5/531
8. Jim Aron, El Cerrito, Calif., 532.5/524
9. Phil Granderson, Oakland, Calif., 528.5
10. Norm Whittle, Layton, Utah, 513
11. Alan Resinger, Delta, B.C., 505
12. Pat Johnston, Boise, Idaho, 502
13. Bruce Hunt, Salem, Ore., 491
14. John Leidle, Kirkland, Wash., 485
15. Dan Rutherford, Bothell, Wash., 484.5
16. Mike Haverly, Auburn, Wash., 484
17. Jim Rhoades, 479
18. Bob Smiley, Kingston, Wash., 472
19. Keith Varley, Vancouver, B.C., 451
Judges: Don McClave and Mike Conner

Photo: Norm Whittle's Sultan in flight. Flying Lines photo.

Richard Walbridge, Fresno, Calif., 474.5
2. Greg Hart, Molalla, Ore., 452 (9)
3. Bob Duncan, Fair Oaks, Calif., 448
4. Mark Scarborough, Pullman, Wash., 446.5 (7)
5. Derek Moran, Goleta, Calif., 446
6. Brian Moore, Elk Grove, Calif., 445
7. Floyd Carter, Eugene, Ore., 434.5
8. Jeff Rein, 421.5
9. Paul Gibeault, 402,5
10. Rick Cochrun, 336
Judges: Leo Mehl and Steve Helmick

Steve Helmick, Renton, Wash., 394.5 (6)
2. Brian Baker, Newman, Calif., 390
3. Richard Entwistle, Scappoose, Ore., 370 (4)
4. Dane Covey, Tacoma, Wash., 364 (3)
5. Norman Gayer, Fresno, Calif., 348
6. Robert Moseley, Missoula, Mont., 277.5
Judges: Scott Riese and Greg Hart

Gordon Tarbell, Carmichael, Calif., 195
2. Robert Ladd, 172.5 (4)
3. Eric Fitzgerald, Napa, Calif., 91
4. Rachael Fitzgerald, Napa, Calif., 35.5
5. Russell Shaffer, Klamath Falls, Ore., 21.5
Judges: Scott Riese and Greg Hart

Don McClave, Portland, Ore., 536 (10)
2. Alan Resinger, 528.5 (9)
3. Jim Aron, 525
4. Bob Smiley, 521 (7)
5. Bruce Hunt, 512
6. John Leidle, 509
7. Mike Haverly, 506
8. Bob Duncan, 465
9. Dane Covey, 434.5
10. Leo Mehl, Portland, Ore., 417
Judges: Brett Buck and Ted Fancher

Jim Aron, 297.5
2. Jim Rhoades, 292.5
3. Bob Duncan, 280.5
4. Mike Haverly, 274.5 (6)
5. Floyd Carter, 273
6. Mike Conner, 244.5
7. Bob Smiley, 237.5
8. Dave Gardner, 228.75
9. Kim Mortimore, Santa Clara, Calif., 59.5
Judges: Leo Mehl and Keith Varley

Derek Moran, 473
2. Greg Hart, 470 (9)
3. Bob Duncan, 462.5/457.5
4. Steve Helmick, 462.5/441.5 (7)
5. Richard Entwhistle, 453.5
6. Brian Baker, 445
7. Mark Scarborough, 444
8. Dane Covey, 443.5
9. Brian Moore, 442
10. Rick Cochrun, 430
Judges: Dave Gardner and Richard Walbridge

Norm Whittle, 521
2. Pat Johnston, 513 (5)
3. Dan Rutherford, 500.5 (4)
4. Bob Smiley, 491.5 (3)
5. Keith Varley, 464
6. Mike Haverly, 417
Judges: Dave Gardner and Richard Walbridge

Regionals Photo Gallery

Left photo: Alan Resinger launches Paul Walker's new American Eagle electric stunter for a Precision Aerobatics practice flight. Right photo: Howard Rush adjusts elevator travel on his Impact. Bruce Hunt photos.

Left photo: Profile Stunt pits ... planes everywhere. Right photo: Keith Varley's Profile Stunt entry. Bruce Hunt photos.

Left photo: Stunt plane weigh-in ... Phil Granderson puts the Zealot into the cradle over the scale. The weight determines the pull-test. Bruce Hunt photo. Right photo: Event Director Gene Pape watches as Jeff Rein (center) and Don McKay prepare a 1/2-A Combat plane for a match. Flying Lines photo.

One of the Precision Aerobatics beauty queens -- Jim Aron's Boogaloo. Flying Lines photo.

Left photo: Dan Rutherford's Impact for Precision Aerobatics, nicely done in MonoKote. Right photo: Derek Moran's Skyray for Profile Stunt. Flying Lines photos.

Current world champion David Fitzgerald's Precision Aerobatics airplane. Flying Lines photo.

Left photo: Floyd Carter signals judges before starting the spark-ignition engine on his Wildman for an Old-Time Stunt flight. Right photo: Carter's Wildman in flight, passing judges Leo Mehl (left) and Keith Varley. Flying Lines photos.

Left photo: Use of electric starters makes the 1/2-A Combat event go smoothly; the little engines can be cantankerous.Flying Lines photos. Right phot: Bob Duncan's very nice Tucker Special for Classic Stunt. Jim Corbett Photo.

Left photo: Jim Green (left) and Bob Smith at work in the Combat pits. Right photo: A pile of Wakkerman-style Combat planes. Flying Lines photos.

Two of the Old-Time Stunt planes waiting in the pits. The one at right is Mike Conner's Internional Stunt Winner. Does anyone know the owner of the one the left? Flying Lines photo.

Two of the Navy Carrier planes. The one at left is Mike Potter's Harry Higley Mo-Bipe, powered by Enya .35SS. Does anyone know the owner's name? Flying Lines photos.

Left photo: Stunt event director Scott Riese caught resting. Get that man back to work! Right photo: Jim Rhoades' Russian-designed stunter. Flying Lines photos.

Left photo: A gaggle of speed planes in the pits, ranging from tiny 1/2-A speedsters to jets. Right photo: Guy Laine (left) and Ted Gritzmacher prepare to start a speed plane. Flying Lines photos.

Left photo: Ted Fancher's Trivial Pursuit. Right photo: Rich Walbridge's Cardinal. Flying Lines photos.

Left photo: Paul Walker's new electric All American Eagle. Flying Lines photo. Right photo: 1/2-A Combat winners (from left) Jeff Rein, Don McKay, Bob Smith, Lee Letchworth. Gary Harris photo.

Left photo: Lee Letchworth (left) and Mel Lyne tune a Vintage Diesel Combat plane. Gene Pape photo. Right photo: Some of the Regionals crew (from left), Contest Director John Thompson, Treasurer Mike Hazel, Field Director Mike Denlis. Flying Lines photos.

Left photo: Classic Stunt Feno by Jim Aron. Right photo: Phil Granderson flying the Zealot. Jim Corbett photos.

Left photo: Jerry Rocha with national-record-breaking .21 Proto Speed plane. Tom Kopriva photo. Right photo: Dick (right) and Rich Salter, the S&S Team. Flying Lines photo.

See you next year! Jim Corbett photo.

See below for individual event directors' reports.

Regionals Speed Report

A speed team starts the engine for an official flight. Flying Lines photo.

By Mike Hazel, Speed event director

Wow!  What else can you say about two solid days of speed action?  Action kicked off Friday morning and didn't end until Saturday evening, running an extra hour to help accommodate the large level of entries.  Entry levels were the highest seen in several years, the top event being 21 Sport Speed with ten entrants registered.   There were about two dozen speedsters in attendance, including a couple in the "alumni" category.

The speed circle was seldom quiet throughout the two day run, and unfortunately there were a few entries that just weren't able to make it to the circle.  There were well over one hundred sign-ups to use the circle, both for practice attempts and official flights.

Top story of the meet was Jerry Rocha's excellent performance in .21 Proto where he blew away Glenn Lee's long standing national record.  Jerry's actual speed was 142.99 mph, backed up with a 142.21 run.  Jerry also topped the troops in 21 Sport Speed with a very good 155 speed.  Placing well in other events, Jerry went on to grab the overall speed champion trophy.

Part of the entry swell included the return of Frank Hunt after a long absence.  Frank used to be one of the Regionals regulars at the speed circle.  He grabbed a 3rd place in class 'D' with his return.

Also returning after a long absence, were John Newton and Joey Mathison now paired up and known as the New-Math team.  They had the fastest time of the meet, with 186 in 'D'.  They also grabbed top spot in 'A', and also posted the only time in 'B' with a "small block" entry (21 size engine).

Jim Rhoades is one of the long-time Regionals regulars, and he snagged a victory in AMA Jet, and placed in several other classes.

Paul Gibeault is another one of the long-time regulars, and secured another victory in the Formula 40 class with his K&B powered bird.  He also took top place in F2A. 

Also swelling the ranks was the appearance of the Broadway Bod Busters gang, who entered and dominated the F2D Proto event.  Don McKay was top dog here.  They also fielded several 1/2 A Proto entries, with Jeff Rein grabbing a third.

It seemed that the jets did not do so great this year, but it was not for a lack of trying.  We had a good entry in NW Sport jet, with Rich Salter taking the victory this year.  Speeds just seemed to be down with the flame-throwers this year.  The New-Math team used all of their attempts but could not light off their Bailey.  Others also suffered some similar frustrations.

The event director would like to thank the entrants for a smooth contest, and the usual help in timing.  The Northern California guys provided the bulk of stopwatch duty.

Just one more note...... if this level of entry is to be expected again, we may want to think about running trophies to third place again.  

Regionals Racing Report

Racing action in Flying Clown Race. Jim Corbett photo.

By John Thompson, Racing event director

Racing was on a limited schedule this year, with several of the traditional events dropped from the schedule because of low entries in the past few years. This, unfortunately, caused a few of the regulars to pass on the Regionals this year.

Those who came, though, enjoyed the racing, and there were entries in all the classes.

Mouse I was a two-plane event, with Paul Gibeault turning a record-breaking feature time.

Flying Clown Race had some dropouts by the time the competiton got under way, ending up with one 15-minute feature. Doug Haas of Lodi, Calif., was convincing in motoring to first place.

The most-entered event, as usual, was Northwest Sport Race, with Burt Brokaw of Tucson cruising to a narrow victory over Gibeault. NWSR had an event that demonsrated the value of safety thongs, as one pilot fell on takeoff and lost his handle. The plane didn't get away, as it was restrained by the safety thong and ground its prop to a halt within the circle.

Northwest Super Sport Race had the potential for a shootout, but problems ensued for two of the three entries. The S&S Racing Team plane burned up on a test start, and Paul Gibeault had a shutoff malfunction that kept him from getting even one lap in. The Nitroholics Team managed turned a Northwest record time, but the feature was basically a solo due to the aforementioned problems, so the performance doesn't qualify for a record.

Talk around the site indicated a growing interest in the Northwest events, and we hope for a better turnout next year.

Results of this contest were included in the Northwest Competition Standings.

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